Sunday, January 17, 2010

What a Day

I received some news today that I can not tell here at this time. I shall wait to announce it after those who bore the news to me have had a chance to break the news to others. In a day or two I will break the news here but for now I will joy in the fact that I have caused you to wonder.

We had outstanding services at church today. I got to the church house about 7:00 this morning and went over the sermon. I went to the auditorium and preached to the empty pews. I could not wait to share the message with the people. We had one to join our church this morning and we will baptize her next week most likely. I preached a sermon tonight on how you can know that you are saved. The business meeting went well and, as I use to say to Sarah, "I survived another one."

Oh what a busy week I have ahead of me. I will help in the nursing home services in the morning, work on the thesis tomorrow afternoon, compose the next Tribman episode, get the bulletin ready for next week and that is just tomorrow's work. I may make a special trip over to Tyler to see Bro. Davis and help Sis. Davis with their income tax. The picture is of the front of our house here in Hillsboro. God bless you.

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