Monday, February 28, 2011


Janie on the trail in Palo Duro Canyon
I preached at the nursing home this morning and we visited the hospital.  After lunch I went to work on my taxes.  I dumped a mountain of papers out of a box onto the table and started sorting. I am off to a good start.  I will put it all away neatly before going to bed.  It would be nice if I could finish up this evening and I may who knows.  I took a brake from taxes to make some pork chops and rice.  I thought I would blog before getting back to the taxes.  The blog post right after this one is a copy of what I put under the hiking tab of my blog.  I put it here so it will be printed in my blog book at the end of the year.  God bless you.

Palo Duro Canyon Hike

Hiking the LIGHTHOUSE TRAIL in Palo Duro Canyon Texas
Janie outside the amphitheater
It is a short drive from Canyon, Texas to the Palo Duro Canyon State park.  The entrance fee was $10.00 and we made our way to the trail head.  We first stopped at the amphitheater for a photo opportunity.  This was our first trip to the Canyon and we would love to return to see the play that is preformed here.  My parents went to see the canyon years ago and I have wanted to go but just never took the time.  I took Janie's picture then she took mine.
I don't know who these people were in that photograph on that wall but I sure want to be on their side when the fighting starts.
Janie took this picture of a flock of wild turkeys by the side of the road
We visited the trading post next and picked up some souvenirs.  It was cold and windy so we bought a couple of hooded sweatshirts to keep us warm.  I wore mine for the first mile and then took it off.  It was perfect for the occasion and I am sure I will use it again soon.  Janie kept hers on most of the time removing it only once when we were about 3/4 of the way to the end of the trail.
Janie in front of the replica dugout
We left the trading post and drove to the first river crossing.  The water was low and the crossing dry.  Just after the first crossing we saw a flock of wild turkeys by the road and stopped to take a picture. They were not afraid of us at all.  Before reaching the second river crossing which is very near the trail head we came upon a dugout which was a replica of the one used by the man who was an early explorer of the canyon.  There was nobody home and no furniture in the dug out whatsoever.  
The Second Water crossing
Me at the Lighthouse trail head
The second water crossing was also dry.  We stopped to take a picture of the water.  I was glad that it was a sunny day and no chance of rain.  I could see that if a flash flood should come that way it would be a little trouble getting back out of the park.  Just beyond this second crossing and to the right is the parking area for the Lighthouse trail head.  There is a map of the trail and two thermometers.  One is just above the map and the other is at the start of the trail.  There is a warning there about taking plenty of water with you on this trail.  I suppose this is for the summer hikers and I would not want to hike this trail in the summer time.  It was in the 40's when we arrived and we took three 20 oz. bottles of water with us and had water left over when we got back to the car.  
The trail leads to the wall at the far right then turns right
The tip of the outcropping of the canyon wall .3 miles from trail head
The trail is very well marked and proceeds from the parking lot and winds its way to the base of the canyon wall.  It is a beautiful sight.  The trail turns right and leads around the end of this massive red wall obstacle.  It is not massive when compared to the Grand Canyon but I certainly would rather go around than have to climb over this outcropping of the canyon wall. Up to this point it was very cold and windy.  The hood on the sweatshirt really helped keep us warm.  The walk thus far is easy and the view is outstanding.  There is a warning along the way to stay on the trail.  It was wasted on us for we had no intention of leaving it.  When we reached the end of this outcropping of the canyon wall I departed from the trail to have my picture made.
Cactus by the trail
The steep climb at the end of the trail
The trail continues with lots of cactus on each side of the trail.  The trail itself has been well worn and is very red in appearance except for a place or two where there are traces of white.  The only animal tracks we saw on the trail were those made by a small deer.  There were a lot of bicycle and shoe tracks on the trail, most of them fresh.  We did not see anyone on the trail until on our way back when we saw two young ladies heading for the Lighthouse.  I gave them some words of encouragement saying, "If two 57 year olds can make it so can you."  There were some small birds all along the way and we could hear birds in the distance.  Besides these we encountered no other wildlife.  I can see that if you were hiking this trail in the summertime you might very well encounter a rattle snake.  I assured Janie that we would not be seeing any of these in February. 
Janie almost to the base of the Lighthouse formation
Yes, Janie had to climb this twice once for her picture and once for mine
The trail continues offering little challenge to the hiker until it brings you to a picnic table.  There you may sit and rest in the shade and contemplate whether or not you want to continue up the steep, and I mean steep, rugged climb to the top of the ridge to reach the base of the Lighthouse formation.  I left Janie taking her shoe off to check her feet and went up the steep trail a bit and returned to report that it was not going to be easy.  She wanted to press on and I admired her courage.  The sandy soil on top of the steep rocky trail was very slippery.  We made our way with me in the lead very carefully step by step mostly on all fours up the steep trail.  I was not as worried about getting up the trail as I was about getting back down again.  This part of the trail needs to have steps installed or some sort of rope or rail for assistance. This section of tough climbing was about 150 feet long.
The ledge leading to the plateau, I'll stay right here thank you.
The trail got better for a little while and then it turned steep and slippery again as it reached the base of the Lighthouse.  We sat down on the ledge with our backs to the wall and the slippery slope beneath our feet.  It was a great sense of accomplishment and very worth the view.  As I sat there with Janie I saw the 2 foot wide ledge to my right leading to a plateau between the lighthouse and another formation behind it.  There was a 60 foot drop off next to the ledge and I felt it was not worth the risk to strive for a closer look.  Walking a ledge with a rock wall on one side and just 2 feet to the other side lies eternity is not my cup of tea.
Janie and I sitting on the ledge at the base of the Lighthouse formation
As far as Janie and I are concerned reaching this point was just like reaching the summit of Mount Everest.  Had I been even 20 years younger I might have stayed longer and taken more risk but not now. I would not have been disappointed had we not made it all the way.  I kept asking Janie if she wanted to turn back but she was determined to continue.  I am glad we made it the top.
The canyon as seen from the Lighthouse ledge
The view strait ahead from the Lighthouse ledge
We lingered, sitting on the ledge for just a few minutes.  Janie was praying the whole time that the Lord would help us make it back down that dreaded 150 foot section. I took a couple of pictures from the ledge and then we started our journey back.  The first picture I took was the view of the canyon to our left.  The second was the view strait ahead of where we were sitting.  The picture of the ledge was to my right.  
Janie coming down the most dangerous section
Janie being very careful on her way down
We made it fairly easily down the steep slope from the ledge to the top of the dreaded section.  I went down first placing the downhill foot carefully in place and testing it before transferring my weight to it.  Using both hands to steady and support myself I made the first few feet and then stopped to make sure Janie was managing the descent.  I was prepared to stop her from sliding all the way down the slope if she should stumble.  She came to one section where she tried a new method which worked well for her.  She sat on her heals and slid in a fairly controlled way holding on to the sides of the path.  It was a real relief to have this section of the trail behind us.  Janie stopped at the picnic table to remove a pebble from her shoe.  Her feet did not give her any trouble at all.  She did have a pain in her left leg that got worse the closer we got to the car.  It was not serious and was gone the next day.  On the way back she did not walk as fast as I did and we did not stop for very long on our way back. I frequently stopped to let her catch up.  The trail has mile markers along the way at each 1/10 of mile from the trail head. I had brought along my GPS and it was nice to know how far we had come. I had marked the coordinates of where we were sitting on the ledge at the Lighthouse.  I also saved the track in my GPS for when I return to this place some day. 
Janie and I at one of the covered benches on the return trip
There were two covered benches and two uncovered ones spaced along the trail.  We stopped at both of the covered benches to rest and eat a snack and drink some water.  There we let our feet dangle and rest.
One of the sights we saw on the way back to the trail head
There is a interesting thing that happens on a trail like this one.  It is a new trail going out and most of the time your looking always ahead.  On the return trip you see things that you did not see when you passed by before.  We took several pictures on the return trip.  There are layers of white rock in the walls of the canyon and also thin layers of white can be seen on the trail itself where it climbs up hill.  It really stands out against the red wall.
The Capital Peek formation
Janie was walking slower the closer we got to the trail head. Her leg was hurting but she declined my offer to carry her the rest of the way.  She was very glad to see the car coming into view.  This was a great hike and I want to do it again with my children and grandchildren.  I mused to Janie that the grandkids would not hesitate at all at that ledge and would sit with their feet hanging off the edge of eternity for a picture.  One I would love to take from my relatively safe perch.   
On our way out of the canyon we stopped in at the visitor's center and gift shop.  Janie wanted a magnet for the refrigerator.  There is an amazing view of the canyon from the window of the visitor's center. I took a couple of pictures which would be our last in the canyon.
The canyon as seen from the visitor's center
A good view of the ledge, lighthouse on the right castle rock on the left
This hike was outstanding and I hope to do it again soon.  I believe that Janie likes hiking and is even now on her computer looking for our next adventure. 

Sunday, February 27, 2011

New Members, Wonderful Day

At the Cross in Groom, Texas
7:00 put tie on, eat banana, read over the sermon text.
8:00 go to hospital, visit 2 there and pray with them
8:30 deliver a radio to a shut in so she can hear the service.
9:15 go to church
10:00 teach the Sunday School lesson
11:00 sing with all your might and feel your heart fill with joy.
11:25 preach the sermon that has caused you to feel like you are about to burst.
12:10 Call for a motion to accept 2 new members who have 3 young children.
1:15 take a nap
2:45 leave for the nursing home service
3:00 lead the singing and preach a sermon.
4:00 review the lesson for the evening service
5:15 return to the church
6:15 teach a much needed and well received lesson.
7:15 choir practice and learn a new song with some much needed help
8:30 take the tie off and get to work on the sermon for the Monday nursing home service
9:45 say yes to a wedding ceremony request
10:00 blog
10:45 head for bed.

It has been a long and wonderful day.
God bless you.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Palo Duro Canyon Trip

2 foot wide ledge leading to a plateau next to the lighthouse formation
We had a really good trip to Palo Duro Canyon.  We arrived at the Holiday Inn Express in Canyon and got a real good night sleep.  I will tell all about the hike on my hiking page (see tab above).  Janie made it all the way a total of 6.15 miles round trip.  I was not sure that she would due to the fact she does not walk as much as I do.  Her feet were fine and her legs were sore when we got home.  I was proud of her.  She even climbed the slippery steep, steep grade up to the lighthouse formation itself.
Almost to the base of the Lighthouse formation
There is a spot where you can walk a narrow ledge next to the lighthouse formation and get to a plateau where there is a really nice view but something about having a 50 foot vertical rock wall face on one side and just two feet to the other side is eternity made me want to skip that view.  As we hiked back to the car two young ladies passed us headed for the lighthouse.  I told them that if two fifty seven year old people could do it they could too.  We got back to the hotel around five and ordered a pizza, ate and took a nap.  It was a really good time.  We stopped only once to eat on the way home.  We left at 10:00 and got home at 4:40 for a total of 6 hours and 40 minutes traveling time.  That is not bad for a 400 mile trip.  We got 45 miles to the gallon and diesel was $3.69 a gallon where we stopped for lunch.
It is good to be home. After unpacking and having a snack I spent a couple of hours with the Bible and I loved every minute of it.  Tomorrow is my favorite day of the week and I can't wait for it to get here. 
Taking a break on our way back to the car
Janie with Capital Peak behind her
Below are some of the pictures we took at the canyon.  The pictures do not do the scene justice.  I recommend you try to make a trip to this beautiful part of Texas.  God bless you.
Janie climbing back down from the Lighthouse summit

Thursday, February 24, 2011

At The Cross On Janie's Birthday

44 degrees wind out of the north at 30 mph, it was cold at the cross
Our three children called one right after the other this morning to wish Janie and happy birthday.  We packed up and headed for the canyon stopping at the cross in Bloom, Texas. It was very cold and windy so we did not stay long there.  We had stopped for lunch at a Cracker Barrel in Wichita, Texas and so after leaving the cross we went on down to Canyon and had a small hot dog for supper.  The hotel room is nice and we are looking forward to seeing the canyon tomorrow.  God bless you.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Copier

Our church's new copy machine
Our church voted in business meeting to increase its monthly giving to the three missionaries which we support directly by a factor of 3.  We now give each of these 3 times as much per month as we were giving.  Our copy machine at the church has been giving us a lot of problems and needed repair.  I was going to call the repairman on Monday and figured it was going to cost a lot.  I got a call Monday evening from one of our deacons who gave me the news that a company was going to get a new copier and would donate their old one to our church if we wanted it.  He went and picked it up and it looks like a really nice one.  They said that it was working fine and had not given them any problems it was just time for them to get a new one. I have always found it to be true that you can not out give God.  We increased our missions giving and God provided us with a really nice copier.  God is so good to us. 
Cedar in bloom, probably why my allergies are so bad
We had an exceptionally good ladies Bible study today.  It went a little long because we really did not want to stop.  Janie and I went to the hospital to check on our members there.  I also talked to one of our members who lives in Galveston, Texas.  He is in the hospital and his wife is also in the hospital.  He is doing fairly good but his wife is not.  I wish they were closer so that I could visit them like I can those here in Hillsboro.  After the hospital we washed the car.  It needed it really badly.  We drove down to Palestine to see our daughter and son-in-law.  They have been working on the day care center at their church and we wanted to see what they had done.  It looks really good.  We went out to eat with them for supper and enjoyed the visit.  Tomorrow I will get the sermon ready for Sunday after visiting at the hospital.  If everyone is doing ok Janie and I will head out Thursday morning for our hike in Palo Duro Canyon.  Thursday is Janie's birthday.  We plan to go by way of Groom, Texas where there is a very impressive, man made, site to see. We will spend the night in Canyon, Texas and Friday afternoon should find us on the hiking trail, if the Lord is willing.  I have been looking forward to this trip and hope we will be able to go.  If something should come up we will reschedule. 
I have ordered a new laptop computer.  This one is almost three years old and works just fine but the new one will be bigger and faster.  Our son's laptop is not in good shape so what I plan to do is to leave this one with him when we go for our visit in August.  Well its off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of sleep.  God bless you.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Church in the Hospital

Our Junior choir before services Sunday morning
Walnut Street Baptist Church could have had services in the hospital yesterday.  We have been spending a lot of time there lately.  Sunday afternoon we had another church member to visit the emergency room.  There are two members in the hospital now and they will be there for a while.  We have 2 in a hospital in Galveston and 1 in a hospital in the Dallas area.
I have not been sleeping well due to a cough.  I get an hour our two here and there.  I don't like to take medicine but was forced to do so Saturday night when I just could not stop coughing.  The medicine worked right well and I got a few hours of sleep.  I have taken some more this morning and will through the day as needed to give myself a break from all the coughing.
My view as I await the start of Sunday morning services
Today I will stay in as much as possible and get some work done.  I want to take a trip up to Amarillo on Thursday and and Friday.  I will make that decision on Wednesday depending on how I feel and how our hospitalized members are doing.  
My newest son-in-law has a facebook page.  I did not think he would ever have something like that but now he does.  I think it is a very good thing for him.  He is broadening his horizon.  I would like to see him blog next. He has never flown before and has no desire to do so.  Maybe that's what will be next for him.
Well it is early morning and I have taken some medicine which is kicking in right now.  My cough has stopped and I am sleep.....................................oh, sorry I dozed off.  I better get back in the bed.  God bless you.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Can't Sleep, Can Cough

Janie and me at the restaurant
I got up this morning at 3:55 coughing.  I tried to get control of it and go back to bed but it just was not meant to be.  I thought I would use the time constructively so I wrote a poem based on the sermon I plan to preach this Sunday.
Janie and I went to town to see a lawyer for her mother and then we went to get her glasses adjusted.  It seems that her glasses were not made right after all.  She has been having a terrible time trying to see things up close especially her computer screen.  It is good to finally have an answer to the problem.  We will return the glasses and have them remade to the right specs.  I took Janie out to eat at a Mexican food place.  The hot sauce felt good to my throat. I had to help her read the menu cause she did not have her old glasses with her.   I am not sure if this is allergies or a cold but it started Sunday with a sore throat. 
In the dentist chair again
Janie is taking her mother to the beauty shop this morning and I will stay here and get some work done and maybe take a nap.  I need to go and see my mother but if this is a cold I don't want her to catch it so I may just call her instead.  She was doing fine last week.  I will paste the poem I wrote this morning below and will also add it to my poems page on this blog.  I may print it in next Sunday's bulletin.  Okay, so now I think that "Where I Should Be" is back in bed.  God bless you.

Where I should be
by Paul Clark (2/18/2011)

"Where I should be" is a wonderful place.
There is no guilt there but plenty of grace.
It is almost like Heaven, "where I should be."
There's no shame, no fear, no cursing you see.
No punishment, pouting, and no regret.
You'd never leave it except you forget.
True joy, sweet fellowship with God divine
Those who dwell there are doing just fine.
Singing and praising are always found there.
When you arrive, oh you have not a care.
Peace and contentment can only be known
When you are there you are never alone.

Like Joseph in prison sometimes it does seem.
“Where I should be” is all in God's scheme.
It is almost like heaven here on the earth
When your heart's there you are filled with great mirth
Ask Paul and Silas about this great place.
Tis where God wants Adam's beloved race.
We might all have lived there if he had not sinned.
But now we just sojourn being burdened.
“Where I'm Suppose to be” Sometimes it is called.”
there Children by she bears never are mauled.
“In God's Perfect Will” a name that fits well.
People who love it will not go to Hell.

How to find this place of which I do speak
is easy and quick for those who are meek.
Repentance and trust and always obey
you will find the path is a narrow way.
For many, God's will they care not at all
The broad way they tread leads to a great fall.
Study the Bible and rightly divide
“Where I should be” God, from you does not hide.
We will all face God in judgment and then,
“Where I should be” He will determine
One day on His left or on His right hand
He will call men and force them to stand.
Where will you be on that glorious day
“Where I should be” I hope you can say.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Janie hiking in France 2010
Tuesday was a busy day for us.  One of our church members fell and broke a leg and was taken to the emergency room.  It required surgery to repair and they did that on Wednesday afternoon.  We had the Ladies Bible Study on Tuesday and we went down to Lorena for services there.  Wednesday started with a meeting at my office at the church and then two or three trips to the hospital to check on two different members there.  After the Wednesday evening services we went to Henderson.  I got up early this morning headed for the dentist office.  She was able to fill that cavity without deadening it first.  It did not hurt at all.  I wanted to blog before heading out for a walk.  I am going to try do five miles to see if I am ready for Palo Dura Canyon next week.  God bless you.

Monday, February 14, 2011


Stella Williams and me
High Places
The year was 1911 when Eugene Ely landed the first airplane on a ship at sea.  That same year Stella was born.  Janie and I attended her one hundredth birthday party today.  The first time we visited in her home she told me she loved the book of John.  I began to preach through the book of John and she was there for most of that series of 116 sermons.  Those she did not hear in person she heard over the radio.  This morning Janie and I went to the emergency room to be there for one of our church members who has fallen ill.  He was born in 1917.  That makes me feel so young. 
We had good services on Sunday and after the evening services we had choir practice.  We are working on a song for Easter.  While we were practicing one of our deacons brought in a scaffold and climbed to the top.  He took a measurement from the floor to the ceiling and it was 28 feet to the bottom of the main house speaker and another 2 feet to the peak.  That scaffold might as well have been mount Everest as far as I am concerned.  I am glad someone is brave enough to even consider replacing that speaker.  If it were left up to me that speaker would hang there until the LORD's return.  It needs to be replaced and I am glad someone is brave enough to attempt it.  God bless you.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Stacked Feet

Our grandson, Elijah, playing at our house Wednesday
Small things often puzzle me.  Things that seem unimportant and unremarkable often occupy my mind.  Take my feet for example.  I am not sure whether it is love or hate that causes them to want to be stacked on upon the other.  When I lie down at night I generally have a number of things on my mind and these fade into unrelated dreams as I drift off to sleep.  The last conscious thing I notice is my feet.  I am a side sleeper and somehow my feet stack one on top of the other.  This causes the lower foot discomfort over time.  I unstack them and then drift off to sleep.  During the night I awake to switch sides and in that brief moment my feet stack again and remain until the lower foot complains.  It would seem, like water seeking the path of least resistance, that my feet would not pile up on each other but would rather take the less painful course.
Janie and her mother Thursday night
The Grandkids and Stacie left on Thursday and we headed to Henderson.  I met with a man in Center, Texas while Janie went with her mother.  The meeting went well and we got back to the house at the same time.  Janie has been working on paper work for her mother and I have taken care of some odd jobs my mother-in-law needed done.  My part is finished and we are about to head back to Hillsboro.  It will be good to get back into a regular routine whatever that may be.  I will be preaching from Isaiah chapter 64 Sunday morning and I worked on that sermon this morning.  I have a church member in the hospital in Hillsboro and will need to visit there when I get back into town.  God bless you.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Grand Cold

The scene outside our back door this morning.
The grandkids and Stacie arrived Monday night.  I was in bed asleep.  Tuesday I took the grandkids with me to run some errands.  When we got back we spent some time cooking together and that is always fun.  We made some soup, fudge, and hot chocolate.  We played games today and stayed in out of the cold.  It only reached 25 degrees here today.  I have enjoyed the grandkids and tomorrow we will have another day of work and fun.  They will head home on Friday morning and we will head for Henderson.  I have an appointment in Center, Texas so while Janie takes her mother to Tyler I will head down to Center.  Its off to bed for me now because the grandkids like to rise early.  I am going to enlist their help in making a special breakfast in the morning.
Stacie and four of her five
God bless you.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Sunset over Jim Taylor's grave
The bird was perched upon a limb just outside the kitchen window.  It was making beautiful sounds.  What a way for God to start ones day.  Just listen to that wonderful sound.  It is such sweet music to the ear.  This is going to be a great day! Wow what a God we have. 
Breakfast was simple, just a piece of toast and a cold glass of water.  Reflection came next.  Thoughts of Saturday came.  It was a beautiful day.  It found a woman, whose 64 year marriage had ended as vowed, with her daughters, family and friends.  They sat in a green three sided tent while words of comfort were spoken by a pastor.  They would later return to the spot and find piled neatly the flowers which had so lovingly been sent to honor the passing of one so dear.   The sunset was absolutely stunning but went unsung overshadowed by grief and solemnity. 
One last goodbye
The present returned pushing aside reflection.  There is a sermon that needs to be reviewed but first there must occur a one sided conversation between the created and the creator.  That done and sermon reviewed its time for worship.  An unusually small crowd assembles to praise their God.  The sermon, earnest; The prayers, sincere; The music, joyful; A great day was completed.  A couple sits together, vows in tact for 37 years, hold hands and pray together.  Supper is eaten and a movie is watched before work and blogging separates the couple for a time, though they be in the same room.  Like the night before Christmas the house is full of joyful anticipation.  Grandkids are coming, grandkids are coming. God bless you.  

Friday, February 4, 2011

Let it Snow, Let it Snow

My mother-in-law's front yard this morning
As I blog here at my mother-in-law's house in Henderson it is snowing outside.  There is about an inch of snow on the ground now and it looks like the snow is tapering off just a little.  On Wednesday I went to town and had 2 new tires put on the car making it now have four new tires.  I did some shopping while in town and then returned to the house. 
Janie working in her mother's closet
Thursday I went to visit with my mother and enjoyed that very much.  She is doing very well. We had hot tea, cookies, and a good visit.  She is making a baby blanket for Sarah's baby.  I got back to the house in time to take Janie and her mother to town.  We went by the funeral home to pay the bill there and then off to the beauty shop.  I dropped them off there and went on into Tyler to get a prescription.  I returned to the beauty shop where they were just about finished.  I read some more "Hamlet" while they finished up. 
We returned to Henderson where we had several more stops to make before heading back to the house.  (I just looked up and it is snowing hard again).  We will stay in today and enjoy the warm house and I doubt seriously that we will go out and make snow angels. God bless you. 

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Taking Care of Business

This is the cartoon I put in this Sunday's bulletin.
Today is the day after my father-in-law's funeral.  There is much work to be done and phone calls to be made.  We are going to have the graveside service on Saturday February 5, 2011 at 2:00pm.  We called to let all of his doctors know of his passing.  I am going to head next over to the electric company to pay the bill and to have it automatically drafted for my mother-in-law.  I need to run to town to get 2 new tires put on our car and to take care of some banking business.  I have the church bulletin finished and will spend this evening working on my thesis.  God bless you. 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Funeral Day, Burrrrr

The family visitation at Rader Funeral last night
I got up at 6:00 and had breakfast with my mother-in-law this morning.  The temperature started out at 60 but within an hour it was 34 degrees.  There was a huge crowd at the funeral home for the visitation. The crowd at the funeral was much smaller.  It was snowing when we pulled into the parking lot and the temperature was 26 degrees.  The wind was blowing at about 30 mph.  It was really cold for Texas.  Dr. Ray Brooks suggested to my mother-in-law that we not have the graveside service due to the cold weather.  She agreed and so we had the services and all went well except for one thing.  We had left out of the list of the surviving family members the name of Jim's brother Joe Taylor and his wife Virgina.  We called to have them reprint the obit in the paper but forgot to tell the pastor to add it to his list that he read at the funeral.  Janie came to the podium at the close of the service and mentioned him and apologized to his family.  The service lasted almost an hour and half.  We will be going to the cemetery on Friday to lay his body to rest in the ground.  We do not know a time yet but I expect it will in the afternoon when it warms up a little.  There were lots of flowers.  Below are some of the pictures I have taken in the past two days.  I have much to do this week besides my regular work load.  I will get the bulletin done tomorrow and the sermons for Sunday.  I plan to spend half a day working on my thesis. Thanks to all for prayers, things are going to be just fine.  God bless you.

Sarah and Justin holding Lara at the family visitation.
Some of the crowd at the visitation Monday night.

Janie's mother consoling her brother, Janie's uncle Trenton, at his home.

The flowers on the right were sent by Jason and Angie.

Visiting at the Taylor house after the visitation at the funeral home.