Friday, February 18, 2011

Can't Sleep, Can Cough

Janie and me at the restaurant
I got up this morning at 3:55 coughing.  I tried to get control of it and go back to bed but it just was not meant to be.  I thought I would use the time constructively so I wrote a poem based on the sermon I plan to preach this Sunday.
Janie and I went to town to see a lawyer for her mother and then we went to get her glasses adjusted.  It seems that her glasses were not made right after all.  She has been having a terrible time trying to see things up close especially her computer screen.  It is good to finally have an answer to the problem.  We will return the glasses and have them remade to the right specs.  I took Janie out to eat at a Mexican food place.  The hot sauce felt good to my throat. I had to help her read the menu cause she did not have her old glasses with her.   I am not sure if this is allergies or a cold but it started Sunday with a sore throat. 
In the dentist chair again
Janie is taking her mother to the beauty shop this morning and I will stay here and get some work done and maybe take a nap.  I need to go and see my mother but if this is a cold I don't want her to catch it so I may just call her instead.  She was doing fine last week.  I will paste the poem I wrote this morning below and will also add it to my poems page on this blog.  I may print it in next Sunday's bulletin.  Okay, so now I think that "Where I Should Be" is back in bed.  God bless you.

Where I should be
by Paul Clark (2/18/2011)

"Where I should be" is a wonderful place.
There is no guilt there but plenty of grace.
It is almost like Heaven, "where I should be."
There's no shame, no fear, no cursing you see.
No punishment, pouting, and no regret.
You'd never leave it except you forget.
True joy, sweet fellowship with God divine
Those who dwell there are doing just fine.
Singing and praising are always found there.
When you arrive, oh you have not a care.
Peace and contentment can only be known
When you are there you are never alone.

Like Joseph in prison sometimes it does seem.
“Where I should be” is all in God's scheme.
It is almost like heaven here on the earth
When your heart's there you are filled with great mirth
Ask Paul and Silas about this great place.
Tis where God wants Adam's beloved race.
We might all have lived there if he had not sinned.
But now we just sojourn being burdened.
“Where I'm Suppose to be” Sometimes it is called.”
there Children by she bears never are mauled.
“In God's Perfect Will” a name that fits well.
People who love it will not go to Hell.

How to find this place of which I do speak
is easy and quick for those who are meek.
Repentance and trust and always obey
you will find the path is a narrow way.
For many, God's will they care not at all
The broad way they tread leads to a great fall.
Study the Bible and rightly divide
“Where I should be” God, from you does not hide.
We will all face God in judgment and then,
“Where I should be” He will determine
One day on His left or on His right hand
He will call men and force them to stand.
Where will you be on that glorious day
“Where I should be” I hope you can say.

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