Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Fall colors at the church Tuesday this week
Scrivener is basically a book writing software.  I am using it to help me write my book on the Song of Songs.  I like the way it helps to organize things.  It can output the resulting work to e-books or Kindle as well as any format used or required by major publishers.  I spent about 5 hours today on that project.  I am also going to use it for the Missionary Baptist Association of Texas minute book.  I plan to produce a Kindle and e-book version of the minute book.  I worked on that project for a couple of hours today. The rest of my work time was spent on Revelation chapter six for our two Wednesday night classes.  We elected to move our 5:00 class to 4:30 just to be sure that everyone can get home before dark. Both classes today were well attended though 2 couples were out.
Our speaker for the evening at Taco Tuesday, outstanding!
A young lady who plans to start college in January here in Hillsboro has been attending our church's Taco Tuesday college outreach program very faithfully.  She is autistic and gave a speech to the group about her life dealing with being on the spectrum.  It was outstanding and very moving.  She showed a clip from a movie which I had never heard of called "Temple Grandin."  I have ordered the movie and am looking forward to seeing it. 
My mother called me yesterday and seemed to be in such good spirits.  She had made a baby blanket and wanted us to give it to one of our grandbabies.  We plan to go by and see her tomorrow or maybe Friday.  It is always good to hear her sounding happy and upbeat.  God bless you.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Time Change

The roof and siding have worked! No leaks!
The ending and beginning of day light savings time seems to cause a problem.  The mind and body seem to have trouble adjusting to laying down and rising one hour differently. Such a small change in time should really be no big deal.  But the body and mind had trouble going to bed an hour early and sleeping an hour later.  This sort of mini jet lag should end by tonight.
This picture makes me want to get Janie a cat.
The day began before sun up with the composing of the church bulletin.  With that task done a phone call from Sarah was a refreshing break.  The phone was passed to Janie and then it was back to the computer to get some more work done.  The sermon text for Sunday is established and a new sermon is in the works from Psalm 30.  Work on a special project that has been underway for several days now is finished.  The detailed journal of the hike with Steve on the PCT is off to a good start.  Some pictures still need to be gathered for that project.  Steve has a lot of pictures that will help make the journal more interesting.  Mowed the yard today, a thing it has been needing for weeks now.  The floor of the shower is hard to scrub but it sure is good exercise.  Went to Braum's for a scoop of eggnog ice cream.  It has been a good day.
Tomorrow is election day and though we have already voted we will watch the news with great anticipation.  We have an outreach program for college students on Tuesday nights and it usually finishes by 7:00 so after that we will start our election day TV marathon.  God bless you.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Decade

2 benches for Stacie, painted by Janie
It was the last Sunday of October a decade ago when I first came to Walnut Street Baptist Church.  It was the first Sunday in November a decade ago that Walnut Street voted to ask me to be their pastor.  A decade has gone by so fast.  We had only 3 grandchildren back then and we now have 13.  I was working on my bachelor's degree a decade ago and I now have my doctorate.  This decade has seen the death of my father, father-in-law, and my mentor in the ministry Bro. Harold Davis.  I wore contact lenses a decade ago and now wear bi-focal glasses.  Windows 98, a decade ago, was my OS of choice and now it is Mac OS X.  The Song of Solomon had me completely baffled a decade ago but it is almost crystal clear now.  A decade is not a long time to me anymore.  I wonder if the Lord will return before the next decade comes to a close. 
We stopped by Canton on our way to see mother
Janie painted two benches today.  Our oldest daughter asked me to make her a bench for her kitchen table.  It seems her family of 8 are a bit crowed around the table.  I had enough material to make 2 so I did.  They may not look like much but they are sturdy.  I started making another picnic table today and hope to have it finished by next week.  Our next wood project is going to be another 3 tier bunk bed for our Maness granddaughters.  I will paint it pink per Ruth's request and I told Hannah that when Ruth moves out she can paint it orange and black and then when she moves out Elisabeth can paint it her favorite color. 
Our Wed. 5:00 class studying the book of Revelation
The cottage addition is not finished as yet.  Plumbing problems had to be fixed today at the cottage.  I had to replace the flush valve in the water closet and fix a toilet seat.  It was a good reminder of why I quit the plumbing trade. 
The sermon I will preach in the morning is from Psalm 128 on the subject of "The Fear of The LORD."  I love to preach the Word of God!  The clocks have been turned back and I am using the extra hour to blog. 
I visited my mother on Thursday and she was doing very well.  She was a bit disturbed about the nursing home people fussing at her about going for a walk down the road.  They told her she was not to leave the nursing home property by herself.  Mother does not like to be fussed at or even be told what to do.  I suppose, to some extent, that is true of us all. 
Mother having supper at Ralph's trailer house
My mother-in-law walked almost the full length of her house on Friday.  The therapy she is taking is really doing her good.  I was very impressed.
Our church has 2 adult classes on Wednesday nights now.  We started a new class at 5:00 for those who do not like to get out after dark.  Both classes have been very well attended and studying through the book of Revelation is always exciting.  

God bless you.