Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Paul the tent maker

The apostle Paul may have made a living at one time making tents but this Paul would starve. The tent is coming along slowly. I have the floor, the side walls, the front and the back all sewn together. It is time to start on the roof and I expect that will be rather complicated. I stopped to work on my lessons for tonight and to blog for a moment. Janie has shown me several times how to rewind the bobin and I attempted it on my own and ran into a problem. I interupted her work to have her come show me one more time and so maybe now I've got it.

We are planning to go to Janie's parents to help out there and to see her mother for her birthday. Which reminds me that Janie's birthday draws nigh and I had better be thinking about getting her something.

A couple from the church came by and trimmed the trees in the yard. That was very nice of them. I was reading the Bible and kept hearing a chainsaw outside but thought that it was a neighbor. Turns out they were prunning the trees and they sure look nice.

Well I better get back to work. Soon it will be time to head for the chruch. God bless you.

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Pat said...

Am wondering about whether Paul actually made real tents or prayer shawls. I have heard the comment that Rabbis all learned how to make prayer shawls ( telliqs I think they are called ) which the Jewish people considered tents .Also considered their prayer closet.