Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fall Back

I have not yet turned the clocks back one hour. I will do that after this blog post. We left Henderson this morning after getting some work done for Janie's mother. We went to see the parade in which our daughter was taking part. It was a rather disorganized parade but we did get to see the part we went there to see. We had lunch with Justin and Sarah afterward and after stopping by their new house to pick up a few things we headed home. Janie decided to massively re-arrange the living room furniture. Only one piece of furniture, a corner cabinet, stayed in its original spot. Everything else got moved. The TV cabinet which my dad and I made was the most difficult to move. I had to take the doors off of it and, of course, empty everything out of it. It moved very easily to the southeast corner of the room. We found a whole host of toys under the two couches and returned them to their rightful place. I like the new arrangement very much. I think it will serve us well. I will take some pictures and place them on a future blog post.
The picture is one I took Friday of my lunch at Canton's first Monday trades day. It was a really good baked potato. I ate way more of it than I should have. We had a good time and bought a couple of small items. We must have walked five miles at least.
Well its off to set the clocks and then to bed. God bless you.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

World Series

We left Hillsboro about noon today and headed for Henderson. Our first stop was at Bro. Davis' house and we had a good visit with him. It seems that the bone cancer is stable and his PSA is low but the bad news was that the two spots on his liver have grown in size. He is feeling fairly well but lacks strength. He would love to work in his office but feels best when he just sits in his easy chair. We talked about the Song of Solomon and he gave me some good insights on the subject of whether the book should be taken strictly as an allegory. It was an excellent discussion and his mind seemed as clear as it has ever been.

Our next stop was at my mother's house. The wild hogs have torn her yard up really bad. She put moth balls and hair from the barber shop around her yard hoping that would scare them off. It rained heavily while we were there. She had not received the form for me to sign to allow the county to put traps out. Perhaps it will arrive tomorrow. The picture is one taken about three years ago of my mother's house.

We made it to Janie's parents house and found them doing well. Janie has spent the evening paying bills for her parents and taking care of other odds and ends. My father-in-law is watching the World Series and is routing for the Phillies. God bless you.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Under the Weather

I was feeling "under the weather" today. Just relaxed and worked on the Song of Songs. I feel better now. We had good services tonight and had good services Tuesday night with the church in Hewitt. Going to head over to Henderson tomorrow. My mother has wild hogs destroying her yard. She talked to someone from the county and they said if I would sign a form they would put out a trap to catch the hogs. So tomorrow I will sign and hopefully some wild hogs will be relocated.

I am contemplating writing "Tribman" the book. There are many details of the story that I am not able to put in the blog format of the story. My objective in writing "Tribman" was to explore what life would be like during the tribulation times. As a pastor I have been asked about the details of the future. People are curious about the details of the tribulation all the way through the Millennium. Because of the lack of details found in the scriptures one must use a lot of imagination to fill in the blanks. I want to put forth in story form how things will work. I was going to end Tribman at the rapture and Resurrection but I now have plans to take it all the way through, well into the Millennium. The picture is one I took a few days ago of an overpass that is one mile from our house in Hillsboro. We have had a lot of rain lately, and more forecast for tomorrow. God bless you.

Monday, October 26, 2009


It rained all night and all morning. The funeral service was held at the graveside and was very well attended considering the weather. The whole service lasted 20 minutes. Many had to wade through ankle deep water to reach the tent. It was 55 degrees and windy on top of the rain. It was a good time to be brief.

When we got back home we had soup and a sandwich for lunch and I went to the church to get the clothes I had left there after the baptism. While there I picked up three books I need for working on my thesis. I dropped by Sullivan Supply to drop off some keys and then went to the Post Office. Janie went with a friend to Curves and while she was gone I walked about two miles.

The first dish that Janie ever cooked for me was Frito Pie. I had never eaten it before and I remember how much I loved it. Well now that it seems I am no longer allergic to corn she made me a Frito Pie (pictured). She made it just like she did back in 1973. It was really really GOOD! God bless you.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Orville, I'm Back!

I had a small bowl of the best popcorn I have eaten in 20 years (picture taken by Janie today). It was the best because I have not eaten any in 20 years. Lately Frito corn chips have been on my diet. A couple of months ago I ate a corn chip and it did not cause me to break out in hives and send me to the emergency room as corn has done on many occasions. I upped the amount to 2 chips then three a day. Now I eat as many as a I want to. So today we made some popcorn and it gave me no problems at all. I use to be allergic to chocolate, corn, beans, coffee and peanuts. I have all but beans and coffee now and will try beans next. It is so good to be over these allergies. I personally think that it was Lebus Mfg. where I worked for 27 years that had something to do with these allergies. I was not allergic before Lebus and now I am not after Lebus so who knows.

We had a great time at the district Ladies Auxiliary meeting today. The sermon was outstanding and the food was excellent. Our youngest daughter and her husband are on there way to our house for a visit. They went to a drag race today and she got sunburned. It will be good to see them.

Tomorrow I will baptize a young girl before our worship service begins. The sermon will be on Revelation 17:2-6 and we are expecting an extra large number of visitors in our services. Sunday night I will be going over the Fruit of the Spirit from Galatians and Monday morning I will preach my friend's funeral. What a way to start the week. God bless you.

Friday, October 23, 2009


Janie and I are working on a very tough Sudoku puzzle. We spent at least an hour on it today and made significant progress but there are still a lot of blank squares. We played a board game this evening called "Getting to Know You Better." Some of the questions that were asked were strange and I think all in all nothing new was learned by either of us about the other. I suppose after almost 36 years of marriage it would be difficult to know each other "better." During the game Janie got a phone call from a pollster. They wanted her opinion on political issues and politicians. At one point she whispered to me "Perry or Hutchison." I whispered back my response. She said, after hanging up the phone, that they were really wanting to know if she was going to vote for Perry and I suspect she is right.

I plan to hike with my brothers on Friday next week. We are going to camp out Thursday night and then Hike all day Friday. We will camp out Friday night and head home Saturday morning. No telling what Bible subjects will come up. Pictured left to right, Trenton, Janie, Charlcye, Jim. God bless you.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Parking outside the emergency room is the fastest way to get to the ICU at Hill Regional Hospital. I went there three times today and on my last trip I stood by the bedside until death came to claim my friend. His funeral will be on Monday and I have been given the honor of officiating it. It was hard to watch his wife of almost 63 years say her final goodbye. Dee was a world war II veteran who had fought in the Battle of the Bulge. He spent three years in Europe during the war. His daughter told me that when he was in high school he and his brother went to a dance and they had to share a pair of shoes. One would go in and dance a while then come back out to let his brother have the shoes so he could go in and dance. He told her that at one point he had to wear his mother's shoes to school because he had none of his own. It is no wonder to me that this generation has been called the greatest.

It's off to Dallas in the morning, Purdon the next day, Corsicana on Monday, Henderson Wednesday night, and then to Tyler on Thursday. Right now its off to bed. The picture is of my wife, granddaughter, and daughter at the doctor's office. On this visit she found out that she will be having a boy. Though I have been telling everyone already that we have nine grandchildren the newest one will not arrive until March. God bless you.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


We made a quick trip to Moss Hill Tuesday. We went by way of Henderson, taking care of few things for Janie's parents and uncle. We arrived at our daughter's house about 7:30 and the grand kids seemed glad to see us. We went to bed rather late but the kids were up early the next morning. This picture is one I took right after waking up this morning. The older grandchildren were reading their Bibles waiting for us to arise and get on with the day. We went down to help our daughter by watching the kids while she had a sonogram. As soon as the appointment was over we headed back to Hillsboro. We got home at 5:00 and after a short visit with some of our church members we went by Wal-Mart for some teaching supplies and then to Church. Going to do some visiting tomorrow and then Friday we will be in Dallas for a surgery there. God bless you.

Monday, October 19, 2009


I had received another letter from the IRS which said they would be responding to my last interaction with them by today's date. I did not hear from them so I called. The person in charge of my case was very nice and professional. They have closed my case by accepting my original return as it was filed. I will wait a few weeks to see if I get this in writing and if not will fax them a letter documenting my conversation of today. I expect the letter will arrive and this issue will become a part of the story of my life. I would give this advice to anyone being audited by the IRS. Always be courteous in your correspondence and conversations with them. It was frustrating at times and Janie had to calm me down and she was sweet and right to do so. On the phone and in all of my letters I behaved as a child of God ought to. Thank you, Lord for helping me through this!

We took a nap at noon today since we had gotten up at 4:00 this morning. All went well today and I chose to not work on my thesis this afternoon. I went to visit at the hospital this afternoon and have made several phone calls including the one to the IRS. Tomorrow afternoon will find me in the office working on the Thesis.

Janie has gone to the Ladies Auxiliary meeting and I am going to relax and watch the news. I may do a little cooking tonight that's always fun. The picture is of Janie making out a check to the church in her Sunday School class room on Sunday morning. God bless you.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


We skyped with Jason for an hour and a half this afternoon and it was sure good to visit with them. We just love hearing the stories that make up their everyday life. I particularly liked the story where Jason went to a store with Lilia and began telling the clerk what he was looking for. The clerk turned to Lilia and asked her if she spoke French. The clerk began to talk to Lilia instead of Jason because Lilia speaks without an American/Texas accent. Once the lady realized that Jason understood every word she said she began to speak with him again. All in all they are doing very well. They were able to tune in to our services this morning. We had a good crowd and I cut the sermon off at just a few minutes after 12:00. Next Sunday I am going to have our music director to cut one song and have the sound man start us up a few minutes earlier. This way we can cover more ground each Sunday as we journey through Revelations.

We will be getting up at 4:00 in the morning to go down to Waco for a surgery. If all goes well there I will spend the afternoon working on my doctoral thesis. I think setting aside Monday afternoons for my Thesis work is going to work out real well. There is much that can be done right here in Hillsboro but eventually I will have to spend most of my research time at the school library.

I have not spoken with the church in Hewitt in several weeks. I'll try to call them to see how things are going. They are still in need of a pastor and we are praying God will send them a good one. Saturday we will be going to the district ladies auxiliary meeting. They are always enjoyable and the food is always outstanding. The picture is of Janie posing the Grandchildren for a picture at the family reunion. God bless you.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Revelation 17

Revelation chapter 17 will have our undivided attention Sunday. It is a tough chapter to expound. Chapter 18 is no picnic. Many hours were spent trying to get a handle on this text. With the LORD's help it will be understood.

We skyped with Jason and his kids today. It was good to see and hear them. It has been a long time since we saw them last. The kids have changed a lot the past year.

There are many things I would like to do. I would like to go to France, to Massachusetts, to Mississippi, and to Moss Hill, Texas to visit with relatives. I would like to hike the Grand Canyon, the PCT, and the AT. I would like to visit Yellow Stone National Park and Mount Rushmore. I may get all this done one day but if I don't I will not be disappointed. All of these things fade to nothing when I think of the greatest thing I want to do and will for sure do one day. I will meet the LORD in the air. That experience will be so great that nothing I do here on the earth will be worth mentioning in the here after. The picture is one I took with my cell phone at our recent family reunion. That is Jonathan in my lap. I was helping him with his lunch. God bless you.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Bimbo II

We made it home. The day started with the trash being put out to late to be picked up. It continued with Paul and Jim being parted from their wives, Janie and Charlcye, for a short time. The four each had things to do; one studied, one slept, one drove, one sat. All had a great day.

On the way home we practiced the Christmas cantata. Afterward we listened to our favorite love songs and held hands the rest of the way home. I bought Janie a present while we were at the hospital on Thursday. We went to the gift shop to buy something for her sister and while we were there she saw a stuffed pink Elephant (pictured) that was shaped just like one she had as a child. She liked it so I bought it even though she protested that I should not. The one she had as a child was called "Bimbo." It was purple in color and was well worn. Her sister tore the stuffing out of it to fill a smaller version which she had made. Janie always kind of missed her Bimbo.
We stopped by to see my mother and she was doing very well. I took this picture of her while we were there. The lamp that is on the table beside her was one my father made. He added the box to the bottom of it for holding a tissue box.
I have composed the next episode of Tribman and will post that tomorrow. It's time to head for bed. God bless you.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


I was standing in the midst of flowers at the head of a casket my hand was wet with tears and my cheek was wet with tears but the tears were not mine. They were given to me by the grieving son and the grieving sister of the casket's occupant. That was Wednesday and I will be in the same place standing in the same spot Saturday. Funerals are not hard to officiate when the person in the casket is saved.
I took this picture Wednesday afternoon. If you look closely you can see me in the mirror. In our town there is an old fashion soda shop. A lady who visited our service one Sunday works there and I went by to visit with her. I had an Ice Cream cone and a good visit. I plan to take Janie back there to try one of their famous sandwiches.
We had great services Wednesday night. The singing was as sincerely offered to God as I guess I have ever heard. The Text from Proverbs chapter 13 was outstanding and challenging. The closing prayer was profound in its genuine honesty. The crowd was in complete harmony and the atmosphere of love just filled the air.

Janie and I, after the services, drove to Henderson and arrived a little after Midnight. We went to the hospital for her sister's surgery and we were there until a little after 3:00. She came through it just fine. While there we got a call that one of our church members was put in ICU back in Hillsboro and might have to have surgery. We fully expected to have to rush back to Hillsboro but as it turned out surgery may not be needed.

I called Bro. Davis and he is doing fairly well. I am going to try to go by and see him Friday if the LORD is willing. I also need to stop by and check on my mother but my time is limited. I need to work on the funeral sermon for Saturday and also I have not finished the sermon for Sunday. The week is nearly over and I still have much to do. Well I need to turn the laptop over to Janie and let her do her work while I go to work on sermons. God bless you.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dr. Hurt

My dentist for the past 35 years died on Monday. He was a really good dentist and a good man. I will miss him even though there were times he would chew me out for not taking better care of my teeth. He liked me and I liked him. I would remind him at every visit how long he had been my dentist. When we moved to Hillsboro his receptionist and assistant told me she thought we would be getting another dentist. I told her then that the day after his funeral I would get me a new dentist. I will not be able to attend his funeral tomorrow for I will be preaching at one here. I expect there will be a huge crowd at Dr. Hurt's funeral for he was well known and well loved.

The Bible Study this morning was in doubt due to heavy rain but in spite of the weather the usual ladies came and even brought a visitor. We had a good study and real good lemon cake. The family visitation went well this evening and I have the sermon for tomorrow ready to go. I just wish I had a handle on Sunday's sermon. I think I am getting close but it will take me the rest of the week to finish it up. Revelation 17 is a tough chapter. Pictured is Dr. Hurt at work. God bless you.

Monday, October 12, 2009


It was a productive day. We went to the nursing home and helped in the services there. While Janie was at curves I went to the Business supply center and arranged to have the minute books printed. They should be ready by the end of the week. I walked to the hospital and visited there then walked over to my office at the Church to work on my Thesis. I translated three verses. I was called by the funeral home in town and I have a funeral to officiate Wednesday morning. The family visitation will be Tomorrow night and I will go over the order of services with the family at that time. After a few hours of work Janie came over and we met with a lady of our church and had prayer together in my office. The soup we had for supper was good and after watching a little news I thought I would blog. I am going to get some work done related to the upcoming MBA of Texas messenger meeting. Then I will head for bed. I took these pictures on my walk to the Church. God bless you.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Today I preached on the subject of the seventh vial of the wrath of God. The earth right now, when seen from space, is blue in color and rather pleasant to the eye. When God's wrath is done the earth will look, from space, nothing like she does now. The oceans will be red as will the rivers, lakes, and streams. The earth will have much volcanic ash in its atmosphere and will have been shaken, burned, and beaten to a pulp. She will look all bloody and beaten from an outer space point of view. That's what happens when the wrath of God is poured out. This same kind of sight may be seen at the Cross where Jesus died. The Bible says that Jesus' appearance was marred more than any other man's. He was brutally beaten and was a bloody mass hanging there on the Cross. He endured the wrath of God the Father there on that day. He endured it in my place. He took the wrath of God upon himself so that I would not have to endure the vials of the wrath of God in the future. What a Savior is Jesus Christ my LORD.

After the sermon was over I was greeting people in foyer and a College student came up to me and asked if I had seen the preview of a movie called 2012. I had not, so she told me it depicted the very things that were described in the 16th chapter of Revelation. I told her I would try to go and see that movie and let her know what I thought. Janie and I watched the trailer for the movie online and it was intriguing. Its timing is all wrong though. We have yet to enter the seven year tribulation period and so the wrath of God is more than 7 years away. So though the Mayan's Calendar may end in 2012 the world will not. Actually the world as we know it will not change fundamentally until 1000 years after Jesus Christ returns. It is then that the earth will melt and pass away. Then mankind will continue living on a new earth. Mankind will never be annihilated.

We had services at the nursing home this afternoon and this picture is one I took just inside the entrance. I am not sure this was a good decorating choice for a nursing home. We went to visit at the hospital afterward and then home for a bit before returning to Church for services and choir practice. After choir practice a young girl wanted to talk to me about joining the church. She is about 8 years old and she was very confident that she had been saved. So after talking to her for a bit we agreed that she would come forward next Sunday to join the Church and be baptized. It is exciting to see souls saved. God bless you.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sarah and Justin are buying a house in Palestine, Texas. They have moved in but still have a lot of unpacking to do. It is a 3 bedroom one bath house (pictured). We went by there to see it on our way home today. We took them out to eat and enjoyed visiting with them.

The reunion was a big success. The food was really good. Stacie and the her kids were there as you can see from the second picture I have posted here. We take the usual group pictures of every generation and every family. They said my brother, Ralph, has the flu. One of our first cousins was not there also because of the flu. It was a good time all in all. I am looking forward to being with my church family tomorrow. I get to preach 4 sermons tomorrow, at 10:00, 11:30, 3:00, and 6:15! It should be a great Lord's Day. God bless you.


We were awakened early this morning by a storm that came through. The temperature started out in the 70's and gradually dropped into the 50's. I took the trash off and visited with Janie's uncle a bit and then returned in time to load everyone up in the van to head for Tyler. I dropped Janie and her dad off at the cancer center then took Mrs. Taylor over to the beauty shop. I helped her get into the building and then sat in the van doing some Bible study on my lap top (see the picture above). I got in over an hour of study in the quiet of the van. It rained almost all day. When our business was over in Tyler we returned to Henderson and a couple of stops later we were back at my in-law's house. We had some clean up to do and then it was off to meet my Sister and Mother for supper. We had good visit with them and now I am blogging before heading for bed. We are looking forward to the reunion tomorrow and after lunch we will head back to Hillsboro. God bless you.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The journey to Henderson went well and the first order of business was to get the grocery list (Pictured). We stopped at Wal-Mart and Janie called her mother from the parking lot and got a list of things they needed. It was dark by the time we got through shopping. We stopped next at the Whataburger and picked up her parents favorite meal, a Whatachicken sandwich and a Whataburger Jr. with bacon. We visited while they ate their supper. I am blogging while Janie pays her parents bills.
I had to run by the church this morning and check on things and then over to Sullivan Supply to drop off a box for UPS to pick up. We had to return the Dish Network equipment. While I was their I took a picture of one of their new products for Janie. Adding new products to their website is one of her responsibilities. I took a walk this morning also and got in a little over 3 miles. I read the first 31 Psalms this morning and enjoyed that. We practiced the Christmas cantata on our way to Henderson.
I am just finding out that my wife's niece has been out of water for a week. They have a deep well and it sounds like the pump is loosing its prime. I may have to go over there in the morning and help them out. Our house in Henderson has a well and I have spent many hours in that well house. It seemed to always go out in the worse kind of weather. I have replaced the pump in our well house at least four times in 30 years. I expect my brother-in-law will call me in the morning. God bless you.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Woden's Day

Woden's Day (Wednesday) has gone by quickly. The minute book for our local association has gone to press and should be ready in a few weeks. Janie finished proof reading it today and I printed and delivered it. The 300 Missionary Baptist Association of Texas church letter forms are gone and should be returning to Hillsboro a few each day until mid-November. These will be collected and then sent in one lump to one of the men who logs the information into a computer data base. I use this data base to generate mailing labels for the 300 boxes of minute books that will be sent out after the State meeting, among other things.

Services tonight were good. We had our usual crowd and everyone seemed to be having a good week. Thor's day afternoon we will head over to Henderson. Janie must take her parents to Tyler on Frigg's day and we have a family reunion on Saturn's day. "Day of the Sun" will find us back in Revelation chapter 16 and we will have a special visitor representing TBI in our services. Bro. Wallace will give us a very brief report on TBI and a special thanks for our continued support of the Seminary.
The picture is of my mother and her brother and sisters. One of her brothers died in a tragic accident a few years back and her oldest sister is in a nursing home by last account. The sister on the left was also in a bad accident and has made an amazing recovery. God bless you.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


The pre-association meeting went well today. There where no real fireworks or knock down drag out fights. There was healthy discussion and, oddly enough, a couple of book reviews. Thirteen churches are requesting help from the MBA of Texas. I expect that they will all be approved at the Meeting in November. Today's meeting ended about 12:15 and we drove into Jacksonville for lunch. An hour and a half nap was the first order of business upon arriving home. I was awakened from my nap by the sound of singing. The voice was my own. I was dreaming that I was singing in church.

Jason called and they are doing very well. It looks as though they will not be coming to the States until June. Janie wants to go over to see them but it is expensive so will see. I need to settle up with the IRS first, though it looks like I will owe them very little if anything.

My food allergies seem to be subsiding. I have been eating a little bit of corn every now and then. Corn use to be my worst allergy. Just the least bit of Corn meal in foods would make me break out "emergency room" bad. I ate a couple of chips at the Mexican food restaurant today and had no ill effects.

The picture is one I took when Janie and I went walking in the rain. You can see her parents house in the distance. I am going to go walking now and get three miles in before bedtime. God bless you.

Monday, October 5, 2009


Fall is here. The weather has cooled off and though our leaves are not as pretty as the ones in this picture they are beginning to fall. The two young girls in my wife's Wednesday night class colored these and put them on the door to their classroom.
The upgrade of our DSL at the house caused it to go down. Today the repairman showed up and had it fixed after a little bit of trouble. Surfing the Web at the Clark house is now 4 times faster than before and our new cable TV, which comes through the Internet, works great. We have actually reduced our total monthly bills by about $100 with the changes we have made lately, the biggest being in Cable TV.

We went to get our hair cut today. My hair looks a lot darker on the floor than it does on my head. The lady who cuts my hair does my wife's as well. I took a phone call from my mother while my wife was in the chair. Mother thinks I am working too hard and staying too busy. I suspect that she has been talking to one of my siblings who reads my blog on a regular basis. I assured her that Janie was looking out for me and when I get to over doing it she will intervene.

I am going to work for 2 hours on my Thesis this evening. Hope to get the first chapter of the Song of Songs translated. At this rate I will have the translation complete by year end. Then it will be time to tackle the canonization of the book. Well I better get to it. God bless you.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Navarro County Baptist Association

We attended the Association messenger meeting today. It was a good meeting and good fellowship. Janie took this picture of me during the meeting. The food was really good and the annual sermon brought by Bro. Brake was very uplifting. They changed article II so that now we are an association of regular Missionary Baptist Churches in stead of an association of three messengers. I was re-elected clerk which will make my sixth term. I plan to have the minutes finished by the week after next.
Sunday will find us back in the book of Revelation and Sunday night in the book of Acts. Monday we are suppose to have a repairman come and fix our internet connection problem at the house. Next Tuesday we will attend the pre-association meeting of the Missionary Baptist Association of Texas. I am one of the clerks for the State Association and will be at this meeting to take notes. Last years meeting lasted two hours and hopefully this one will be about the same. It's a two hour drive from here and so it will consume most of that day. Wednesday will be normal and Thursday is my day off but I will move that to Saturday. Friday Janie will take her dad for a CT scan and a cancer treatment. I will try to get by and see Bro. Davis. Saturday is my mother's family renunion and my oldest sister is coming in from Denver. Well I am off to bed 6:00 comes early. God bless you.

Friday, October 2, 2009


I went over to Janie's Uncle Trinton's house to take the trash off this morning. He was not feeling well but seemed to be okay. After a short visit I returned to the Taylor's and while Janie went off with her mother I worked on sermons. I am excited about the one for Sunday night and will think on it all the way back to Hillsboro this afternoon. It is entitled "Staring into Heaven." I took a break from getting my sermons ready and went for a hike. The difference between a hike and a walk is the backpack. I took my day pack and umbrella and had a good time of prayer walking along a fairly shady lane. I took some pictures along the way and will post three of them here. It is a wonderful way to spend a day. Start by helping someone in need then let God speak to you through His word. Then go for a long solitary walk and have a little talk with the LORD. If your name is in my cell phone you and your family came up in my conversation with the LORD. My cell phone takes good pictures when I remember to wipe the smudges off the lens. In the sport of hiking you like to save weight by carrying things that serve more than one purpose. My hiking poles are also my tent poles. My phone is also my log, camera, and prayer list. Right after snapping this last picture I sneezed. Could that be Golden Rod? God bless you.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Eyes in the Sky

On my way over to go with Bro. Davis to his Doctor's appointment I took this picture out of the windshield of my car. The picture really does not do it justice. It looked just like two eyes staring down at me. If you use your imagination you can make out a face. It was an amazing sight.
I was sick this morning. It felt like the flu but I did not have fever so I took some medicine and took a long nap. I felt much better and then got to work. Tribman was first on the list since my whole day Saturday will be taken up by the association meeting. While working on Tribman I had to closely study Revelation chapter 17 and 18. I will be preaching from these two chapters very soon and so it was time well spent translating some of the scriptures for myself. I found something there I had never seen before and will definitely have to work it into the sermon. Having Tribman episode 13 done the sermon for Sunday got my full attention. Janie spent the day with her mother and dad in Tyler at their various doctor's appointments. They had a good day. Their van had broken down on them and it was ready to be picked up so they got it and brought it home. Janie's oldest sister was also with them.

There was a bad thunder storm tonight and a bolt hit somewhere near the house. It knocked out my in-law's satellite dish so they are without TV until they can get a repairman out. While Janie takes her mother to the beauty shop I will try to get over to see my mother. I will post later about my visit with her. God bless you.