Monday, May 21, 2012

Thesis, Done

Me at TBI turning in the rough draft of the thesis
The thesis is finished and the three bound copies have been turned in.  Time is no more abundant now than it was during the writing of the thesis.  Work of getting the book written, that will be the end result of the thesis,  now takes the front burner.  It is not a lot of work to get the book ready but it is tedious.  It took staying up all night to finish the rough draft of the thesis just so it could be turned in Friday Morning.  It required a trip to the store at 3:00 in the morning to get ink for the printer. It was fortunate that they were open and had the right ink cartridge in stock. Graduation is May 26th and I can't wait to hang that "sheep skin" on the wall.
My next writing project is a fiction novel entitled "Tribman."  I am really looking forward to getting that book published and I believe it will really help people to understand how things are going to be in the future here on the earth.  The Bible has much to say on the subject of the future yet many of the details of what life will be like on the earth in those days are vague.  "Tribman" will help the reader to understand what is about to happen and just how drastically mankind's life upon earth is going to be changed.  "Tribman" will be based upon the prophecies of the Bible.
My daily salad
Janie and I are on a diet which I expect to be on for the rest of my life.  We are eating almost no processed foods and a whole lot of fresh fruits and raw vegetables.  We eat mostly chicken and fish as far as meat is concerned.  I have lost 8 pounds and my blood pressure is down.  (I think the blood pressure improvement may be more about the thesis being done than the diet.)  Stress really does cause your blood pressure to rise!
The work of getting the cottage ready for our son and his family to live in while they are in Henderson this summer is going well.  We are adding a second bathroom to the cottage.  It will be a half bath to start with and later we will add the bathtub.  So far we have spent very little money on it due to the fact that my son-in-law let us draw from a large pile of treated lumber that he had accumulated while working in Henderson.  It has saved us about $200.00 so far.
Janie trimming the roses at the cottage
I enjoy working on such projects and the exercise is really good for me.  As a pastor I sit, study, and read a lot and that is not good for my health.  I have been offered help with this remodeling project at the cottage but have turned it down because I just like doing the work myself with Janie at my side.  I have learned over the years to be patient and to work smarter.  When I used to work with my father on such projects he would push to get the job done as fast as possible.  He would work from sunup to sundown.  I believe hard work is good and there is a time to push to get a job done but I also believe there is a time to relax and enjoy the work without the pain.
Janie and my mother at the nursing home
I go weekly to see my mother and she is doing well.  She says she is not going to attend the family reunion this year.  I personally think that it is a good idea that she does not attend.  The routine of the nursing home keeps her from being upset.  I took her to buy shoes one day and after visiting the 4th store and finding nothing, she was crying uncontrollably.   Last week when I went by to see her she was doing great.  She was smiling and happy the whole time we were there.  
It is good to be blogging again and I have a whole host of pictures that I will be sharing here in the weeks to come.  It was almost a month ago since my last blog.  Our 12th grandchild is due any day now and we are anxious for her arrival.  Her picture will be here and on my facebook page within a matter of hours after it is taken so stay tuned.  God bless you.