Thursday, March 1, 2018

Our youngest grandson helping his dad work on the lawnmower
Matthew is enjoying being the youngest but that joy will pass to his brother this summer.  We found out that our daughter Sarah is going to have a boy.  That makes 17 grandchildren for Janie and I.  We are blessed.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Blogging has fallen by the wayside.  It has not been a priority for me.  I have work to do for the Church I pastor. I have work to do for Texas Camp #4 of which I am the registrar and Adult class teacher.  I have work to do for the Missionary Baptist Association of Texas of which I am a trustee, Recording Clerk, and Assistant Secretary/Treasurer.  I also help friends with computer problems, and do computer tech support for  I have houses and property in Henderson to upkeep and a parsonage and yard to upkeep in Hillsboro.  Idle hands are the devil's workshop I have been told so I keep mine busy resisting the devil so that he will flee from me.
Making a square board round is part of what I did on vacation recently