Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ecclesiastes 5:3

Naomi sporting new hat
"For a dream cometh through the multitude of business..." (Ecc 5:3). 
I keep dreaming about my thesis.  I suppose when you have something on your mind all day long it is bound to show up in your dreams.  I dreamed last night that I found inside my thesis a massive number of citings which I had forgotten about.  Another look at it this morning revealed it was only a dream.  I did make good progress yesterday though my work was interrupted by a meeting I had to attend at the church property with the Hillsboro city manager.  That meeting went well and I got right back to work.  I have over 45,000 words in the thesis as of this morning and have 51 citations out of the 80 that is required.  Today my goal is to reach 60 citations and 47,000 words so I had better get to it.  I am beginning to run short on sources to cite so I may have to head over to TBI and check out the Library again.  God bless you.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Called on the Count of Rain

The flowers at the cottage sure have enjoyed and prospered with the rain we have had this spring.
I had to stop working on my thesis because of a thunderstorm so I thought I might blog. The thesis is at 44,500 words right now and I have officially sited 35 sources. I have 80 to site in all for the minimum requirement. I had hoped to make better progress than I have this week but I was sick Monday whereby I lost my lunch. I spent the day in bed mostly with a migraine headache. Tuesday we came to Henderson but I got very little done on the thesis. Wednesday was the best and Thursday rivaled it. Today the storm arrived and I had to unplug everything so as to avoid damage to my computer. I am posting this blog with my IPhone which is safe from the storm. God bless you.

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Saturday, April 7, 2012


Naomi enjoying a French fry
My blog has been on hold while I have been working on my thesis.  I have just a little over 38,000 words right now.  There only two verses left in the verse by verse exposition of the Song of Songs and I will be through with that part.  I got one of our deacons to take my Wednesday night class this week so I could spend the whole week in Henderson to work on the thesis.  It has paid off for I made a lot of progress this week.  I did not have federal jury duty this week and I will not have to serve next week.  I do not plan to return to Henderson next week. 
Janie and I attended a wedding last night of a woman who grew up in the church where we raised our kids.  I performed the wedding and the ceremony went very well. 
We have a baby shower to attend today and then it is back to Hillsboro.  I am really looking forward to the special Easter Sunday service we have planned.  I will be preaching from John 3:16.  God bless you.