Saturday, April 7, 2012


Naomi enjoying a French fry
My blog has been on hold while I have been working on my thesis.  I have just a little over 38,000 words right now.  There only two verses left in the verse by verse exposition of the Song of Songs and I will be through with that part.  I got one of our deacons to take my Wednesday night class this week so I could spend the whole week in Henderson to work on the thesis.  It has paid off for I made a lot of progress this week.  I did not have federal jury duty this week and I will not have to serve next week.  I do not plan to return to Henderson next week. 
Janie and I attended a wedding last night of a woman who grew up in the church where we raised our kids.  I performed the wedding and the ceremony went very well. 
We have a baby shower to attend today and then it is back to Hillsboro.  I am really looking forward to the special Easter Sunday service we have planned.  I will be preaching from John 3:16.  God bless you.

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