Friday, February 28, 2014

Headache returned

The first eggs laid in the new nest box.
I went two weeks without a headache and then when I needed it the least it happened.  The Tuesday morning Bible study in our home was going well until I just could not put it off any longer.  I dismissed myself from the table and went to the bathroom and lost my breakfast.  I am not sure what caused this one but it was not lack of sleep.
We made a trip to Henderson last week by way of Palestine to see the grandkids.
Our daughter in Palestine, Texas needed a light switch replaced and so we went by there for a visit.  The light switch was an easy job.  The grandkids were as sweet as ever.  We went by Hot Rods Burger Shop and I tried a deep fried hotdog wrapped in bacon.  It was real good!  Afterward we went to my mother-in-law's to spend the night and take her to Wal-Mart to get her hair fixed.  Her regular beauty shop will be closed for some time due to the illness of the owner/operator.  The Wal-Mart beauty shop did a good job and I was able to shop while Janie stayed with her mother. 
My mother-in-law with her Wal-Mart hair do.
It has been good to stay at home this week.  The headache Tuesday has been the only bad day.  The services Sunday were good and the Wednesday night classes were well attended.  I have learned another Spanish song and am working on a sermon in Spanish for our next Spanish class.  I intend to be able to deliver that sermon fluently to a Spanish speaking audience one day. 
Family Pictures back up after 1 year of being down.
Janie's birthday was Monday and I spent the day with her working on putting the pictures of our grandkids back upon the wall.  They had been down ever since the house leveling was done last January. 
Our cup runneth over!  We have out grown our grandkids picture frame.
Janie's birthday present from me. Bird songs on the hour.
Some serious progress was made on the north wing of our church building.
Working on the sermon for Sunday.  All the resources I need at my finger tips.
The last day of Feb. and it hit 80 in Hillsboro. I love winter in Texas.
God bless you.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Tired of Head Aches

My wife and daughters at Hot Rods Burger Shop
I have been having too many headaches.  The last one caused me to miss our Wednesday night services.  I have put myself on a strict schedule which requires I go to bed at 10:00 pm and rise at 6:30 each morning.  Caffeine, chocolate, and lack of sleep are the biggest causes of my headaches.  These have been confirmed causes.  I have quit the first two and the last three headaches were each a result of not getting enough sleep.  So this schedule is working for me I have not had a headache since.
My mother is doing well.  Her memory is worse but she still knows me.

Rode out an ice storm at my mother-in-law's. Ice all gone the next day.
Work progressing slowly at the church.
Always something blocking the cottage driveway.
Nest box for the chickens ready to be taken to Hillsboro and installed.
At Hannah's ball game on our journey back to Hillsboro.
Hannah playing basketball.
Nest Box installed and the chickens love it.
Nest Box installed and painted
Water trough brackets painted.
Water, Feed, Nest.. all it lacks are wheels and handle.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Grandkids in the house

Rain is no longer a problem with the north wall covered now.
Progress is progress even if it is slow.  The contractor works one day a week on the church building.  The lower part of the wall has been repaired but the rafter part of the wall is still as it was.  There has been no progress this week but the weather has been cold and we had rain yesterday. 
The inside wall has new studs and decking.
Our daughter, Stacie, has come to visit with us for the week while Scott is at a meeting.  The grandkids are fun and work at the same time.  They make a mess when they eat and wet on the furniture and track in mud but the joy they bring is worth it all.  I was able to play Algebra Teacher with the older children.  They are at that level in their math education and though I hated it in school Algebra became my friend when I worked in engineering.  I enjoyed giving them problems to solve and they did a good job.  Next time I see them it will be time for Trigonometry.  We have played our favorite games, Wahoo and Hearts, and played chutes and ladders with the younger ones. 
Janie and Ruth putting the covers back on the couch after Elijah's mishap.
We will be heading over to Henderson on Thursday by way of Palestine.  We plan to go to Hot Rod's Burger where we will have 8 of our grandchildren together in one place.  Sure wish our French grandchildren could be there.  They are planning to come to the states in June and stay through August. We are anxious to see them.  God bless you.
Elisabeth is a sweety!