Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Delete Contact

Simultaneous IPhone snap shots at the wedding rehearsal
It was kind of a sinking feeling, a strange kind of finality deleting from the cell phone contacts list the names Tommie Wooldridge and Marie Rogers.  They were both long time members of Walnut Street Missionary Baptist church who died recently.  Hopefully funerals will slow down a bit and give the membership time to recover from this loss.  The teens at the church are planning a trip to help deliver donated relief supplies to the people affected by the recent tornadoes in the south.  This will be a good experience for them to help out others that are in need.  It will give them cause to count their blessings when they see the flood ravaged areas and the families that have lost everything.  We are so proud of our teen leader and the hard work she puts in every week.
French lesson, workout at the gym, Sunday's sermon, Wednesday's sermon, should consume most of tomorrow.  Five hours of driving, a dentist appointment, and a very long walk should devour Thursday.  Doctoral thesis will eat up all of Friday. 
I talked with my youngest daughter today.  She went for a doctor's appointment and they say all is going well with the baby.  The doctor guesses the weight at 1 pound 4 oz.  September 18th is not far away.  We have a lot of exciting things happening this year.  The trip to France and the birth of our eleventh grandchild to name a few.  God bless you.

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