Friday, May 6, 2011

Something New

Janie focused on her work
I lowered my mother-in-law's closet bar so she can reach it better.  It is the closet in her bedroom.  We moved Janie's dad's clothes out of that closet so that my mother-in-law could but her things in it.  I also removed the door and frame from her new closet so that her chair would fit allowing her to get as close as possible to the clothes.  After that project was through I did a little Bible study.  Janie called saying they were on their way back home from Tyler and so I started some supper.  I kid my mother-in-law about the age of some of the things in her freezer.  I took out some peas that were dated 2002 and some turnip greens that were not dated but I am sure they were at least the same age as the peas.  Both were really good.
Janie is driving the first half of our journey home.  She does not like to drive at night so I will be taking over here shortly.  I wanted to get some work done and have made some good progress writing a new database program.  I am looking forward to being home again.  God bless you.

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