Monday, May 16, 2011


Janie visiting with her mother and sisters
I ordered 10 bound copies of my book "The Proper Observance of The Lord's Supper."  It is a paper back book with a nice colorful laminated cover.  I wanted to try out web publishing of books to see about the price and how it works.  If I like the look of the book I will buy more copies so those who might be interested in the subject and my studies of it can have a copy.  There is another Online company that publishes books on demand and it looks real promising.  When I get ready to publish my book on the Song of Solomon I may give them a try.  The book I am writing now will be much larger than my first book and will be a hard cover book.
I am planning to write a fiction novel next based on my blog "Tribman."  I am actually looking forward to that project.  I loved the books "Tom Sawyer" and "Treasure Island."  It is that kind of adventure that I use to day dream about as a child.  Writing "Tribman" will be like putting down on paper my day dreams of adventure and intrigue. 
I mowed the yard today while Janie was at the Ladies Auxiliary meeting.  I was tired today.  I guess it is all the activities of weddings and funerals with a whole host of other things that I have been involved with which finally caught up with me.  I took a nap and feel much better now.  The nap however throws me behind on my work so I will start the vicious cycle again by staying up late and getting up early. 
I had a very short visit with my brother-in-law who lives in Mississippi on the occasion when the above picture was taken.  We talked Bible for about 20 minutes and it made me hungry to talk with him more.  I would love to spend a whole day with him and talk.  He loves the Lord and the Bible.  That is probably why we get along so well.  Before his stroke we mostly talked about hunting and fishing but now its mostly Bible.  God bless you.

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