Sunday, May 29, 2011

Running to God

The teenagers singing a special at church today
What a wonderful day it has been.  There were at least 13 visitors in the services at Walnut Street Baptist Church this morning making the attendance be way more than normal.  The message from God was taken from Jonah chapter 2 on the subject of "Running To God."  It was an exciting text.  The teenagers sang a special before the sermon and the song they sang went along very well with the message.
This afternoon was uneventful allowing time for a short nap.  A Skype session with Jason and Angie was enjoyed very much this afternoon.  It is good to hear that all is well there.  The evening services went well with a message from the book of Proverbs Chapter 8 verse 22 through the end of the chapter on the subject of "Wisdom's Credentials."  There was a special deacon's meeting after church that brought joy to the pastor.  The teenagers had a pizza party in the fellowship hall after church and it looked like they were having a good time.
The question was asked by many, one of another, concerning plans for Memorial Day. Most have the day off and will be doing special things on that day.  Except for a deliberate pause to remember those who died for their country Monday will be business as usual at this house.  Mow the yard, visit the nursing home, work on sermons, work on bulletins, and a visit to the gym will consume Memorial Day. God bless you.

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