Sunday, February 28, 2010

Though, Through, Dough, Cough, Enough

Our church attendance has been very low. This is a thing that causes a pastor concern. I have prayed about this and am waiting for God to answer in His good time. Our congregation is an older one and many (20% one in five) are having health problems which cause them not to be able to attend church services. We had good services today. Bro. R. E. Cecil and his wife visited in our services today. He has retired from pastoring after 71 years in the ministry. He is a really good preacher.
There are some very positive things happening at our church. We have "Meals on Wheels" working out of our building starting next Monday. We have had several to volunteer to work in Vacation Bible School and so we will get that work underway starting next Sunday. I am in hopes that our Ladies Bible Study will also grow. We lost one of our members because she had to move far away. We miss her very much.

This will be a busy week. I will work on my taxes tomorrow, Ladies Bible Study and church services in Lorena on Tuesday, Sermon for Sunday and Sunday School lesson on Wednesday, Work on my thesis Thursday, take father-in-law for cancer treatment on Friday. As always these are my plans but "I know who holds tomorrow"

I am going to call my brother tomorrow and see if we can postpone our hike until March 18th. I have a surgery I want to attend on March 11th in Dallas. My brother had planned to bring my mother out with him so she could visit with Janie while we went hiking. I will see if mother would rather come home with us this weekend and return to Henderson on Tuesday afternoon.

Though, through, dough, cough, enough, makes you glad you did not have to learn English as a second language. The picture is of our grandkids and Janie's parents. God bless you.

Saturday, February 27, 2010


All Eight of our grandkids were together in one place. The two that will make ten were there also. They seemed real glad to see each other and took off in small groups to play. They had not see each other in over two years.

Jason and I, with a bit of help from my brother-in-law Tom, installed a new hot water heater for my in-laws. Let's be clear on this, Jason did most of the work. We had to empty the old hot water heater by turning it over into the bath tub. The drain valve in the bottom of the tank was faulty. This second picture is of Jason connecting the electricity to the hot water heater. He has a college degree in electronics and worked for a remodeling contractor while he was going to Seminary. He is very skilled.
We made it back to Hillsboro safely and next week while Jason and his family are in Arkansas I will work on my taxes. I am looking forward to the services tomorrow. The text for the sermon is an exciting one. God bless you.

Friday, February 26, 2010


I read 27 chapters in the Bible today while I was waiting for my mother-in-law to finish up at the hair dresser. When I got back to the house with her Janie and I went by her niece's house to check her clothes dryer. I took it apart to discover that the motor was locked up and would not turn. That was bad news to her niece she was hoping it would be an easy fix.

Janie's dad fasted today eating nothing but a part of a sausage biscuit this morning. He just did not want to eat.

Janie has not felt well today so hopefully a good night's rest will help her out. I did some work on my thesis today but not much. Tomorrow we will head back to Hillsboro though I did talk to Janie about going home tonight so she could get some better rest. The picture is of Caleb and my father-in-law. God bless you.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


We left Hillsboro this morning ahead of Jason and Angie. We went by to see Sis. Davis and she was doing very well. She gave us a box full of Bro. Davis' handwritten sermons. We are going to try to get these on his website as soon as we can. It is apt to take many years to get this done for I estimate there are some 2000 sermons in this box. We rendezvoused with with Jason and Angie at my mother's house (pictured). After a short visit we headed over to Janie's parents house.
Janie, her sister Connie, and her mother are cooking supper while I blog and the grandkids are playing. Jason and Angie are eating supper with some friends in Henderson. After supper I plan to work on my thesis before turning the computer over to Janie so she can do her work.
Tomorrow I will take my mother-in-law to Tyler and let Janie stay with her dad. I plan to work on the thesis some more tomorrow and then Saturday morning supervise as Jason installs the hot water heater. We will head back to Hillsboro Saturday afternoon. God bless you.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Janie's Day

Janie's Birthday was today. I told her happy birthday at 6:00 this morning. Our daughter Sarah called about 9 and wished her a happy Birthday. The ladies Bible study group stopped by at 10 with cake and ice cream and completely surprised Janie with a party (pictured). They gave her some pajamas and some body lotion. Our oldest daughter called her during the party and she returned her call afterward. Janie's mother called to wish her a happy birthday. I think she had a good birthday.

Jason and I went to Lorena to deliver some audio cd's of our services to the church in Hewitt. We stopped by Sam's Club and picked up a few things. We took the boys with us and had a good time while Lilia stayed home with Janie and baked cookies and Angie got her hair cut and did some shopping. When we went into Sam's the boys were hungry first thing so I bought them some pizza before we shopped. We got home and after supper we watched a cartoon movie with them and then put them bed. We all had a good day.

The services tonight went good. The message was from Haggai. There were a few of our regulars out but we still had an attendance of 15.
This last picture is of Janie (her name means "God is gracious") and Caleb (his name means "Servant of God"). God bless you.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Snow Again

It snowed again today. We got about 3 inches in all. It started to melt off of the yard right before sunset. The picture is one my granddaughter, Lilia, took. She needed someone to come outside and stack her snow man for her. So dressed in my suit and having just gotten back from a hospital visit I braved the snow and helped her out.

Jason and I left the house at about 7:30 this morning to be at the hospital where they did surgery on our church's missions treasurer. He came through the surgery just fine.

We are going to make a trip to Waco tomorrow and then to Henderson Wednesday night after church. At least that is our plans for now. I have several things I need to do while over in East Texas. I need to go by TBI and see Bro. Brooks, get by to see Sister Davis, check on my mother, install a hot water heater, and work on my thesis. Tomorrow I will work on the sermon for Sunday and the Sunday School lesson. I have the Wednesday night sermon ready to go and the Sunday Bulletin is finished.

We picked up the church van today and it looks like they got that leak fixed. Jason and his family will travel to Henderson in it and will stay there through Sunday.
This second picture is of me and Caleb in the baptistery Sunday night. He was very excited about being baptized and afterward Jason asked him why was he baptized and his answer was just right. We are so proud of him. God bless you.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Gasoline Leak

Jason's four kids, as you can see from this picture, doubled the size of our junior choir at church. The church van has a leak in its gas tank. Jason and I took it to have it repaired today. It is suppose to be ready Wednesday. Jason and Angie have gone out on a date tonight leaving us to enjoy the grandkids. We are about to get them ready for bed. It has been an exceptionally busy day. I have made and received lots of phone calls today and still have some to make. I have a letter to write and the church bulletin to get ready. I am going to try to get these done before retiring for the night. I visited the hospital and the nursing home (pictured) today. I will be back at the hospital for a surgery in the morning early. We are on schedule to go down to Lorena for services tomorrow night depending on the weather. They are calling for from 2 to 4 inches of snow hear starting early in the morning. I burned 16 cd's of our morning worship services and need to deliver them to the church down there.

I gave Janie an early birthday present. She had talked about needing a humidifier so I picked one up for her today. We will give it a try tonight. We have enjoyed having Jason and family with us. Jason and I are going to install a hot water heater for my mother and father-in-law on Friday. I can assure you that Jason will be doing most of the work.

I met today with the ladies who are in charge of the "Meals on Wheels" program here in Hillsboro. Our church voted to allow them to use our fellowship hall for their operation. The ladies were over joyed at the news and they both gave me a big hug. I gave them the key and they will move their operation to our building next week.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

The New Earth

I worked this afternoon typing up the sermon I will preach in the morning. I went by the cleaners first and then the grocery store. The car needed washing so I took it through the automatic car wash. Janie has a cold and while she napped I typed. The new earth is going to be a wonderful place. The thought that there will be no more sea is intriguing to me. Can you imagine being able to walk around the world? I thought hiking the PCT from Mexico to Canada was something but to hike all the way around the world would really be something. We will have the rest of eternity to explore all of God's new creation. I also worked on Tribman this afternoon. It is exciting to meditate and contemplate on my final and ultimate destination.

Jason will be going to Brownwood, Texas in the morning and Angie and the kids will go to church with us. The picture was taken with my mother-in-law's cell phone. Janie and Angie were making supper. God bless you.

We are back in Hillsboro after a good day in Henderson. Jason and his family made it to Henderson from Houston. The church van has run well for them though now there seems to be a leak somewhere in the area of the gas tank. When they left the French consolate there was a small area of gas under the gas tank. They are spending the night in Henderson and will attend a family get together with Angie's side of the family. They will return to Hillsboro Saturday night. The Visa paperwork did not go well. They require some things that will be difficult to provide it is also going to be very expensive. The Lord will provide.

I got to coughing when I went to bed earlier this evening so got up to let the med's kick in. It is late and I have much to do tomorrow. I am going to go try again. The picture is one I took with my mother-in-law's cell phone. I had a hard time getting the pictures off of her phone onto the computer but as you can see I got-r-dun. This is Caleb who we will baptize Sunday and my mother-in-law. God bless you.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hit the Road

Jason and Angie hit the road with the kids heading for Houston. Tomorrow they go to the French consulate to apply for their visas. We forgot to go by and pick up his suit from the cleaners so will see if we can call on a friend to pick it up for him in the morning.

After lunch Janie and I hit the road for Henderson. Janie worked on her job while I drove and worked on the Song of Songs by listening to love songs on the radio. We have satellite radio in our car and there is a channel of just love songs. It occurred to me that the woman in the Song of Songs was catching Solomon on his way down. Solomon started off real well as King of Israel but the longer he reigned the more wives he married and these wives turned his heart away from God. Solomon had 140 wives by the time this woman came into his life and would have another 859 after her. She may not have been responsible for his down fall but somehow she was not able to stem the tide of women that would.
The picture is of my Song of Songs and our son Jason. It looks as though she is putting his shoes on him. She must have been getting ready to hit the road. It is getting late so I better hit the road to bed. God bless you.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Meals on Wheels

This picture is of Janie and Jonathan sitting together in the back of the class where I was giving a lecture on hiking. Our oldest daughters kids have come down with a stomach virus and that is never fun.
I worked on my thesis today and made some serious progress. I also looked at my taxes woefully and then put that aside. Lunch with the Meals on wheels bunch was good. The services tonight were great. I met with some of the deacons of our church after services and that went very well.
Jason and family will be back here in Hillsboro tonight. They will head to Houston tomorrow and be back here for Sunday. Jason will be out of town Sunday morning but back for Sunday night when we will baptize Caleb. Janie and I will head for Henderson tomorrow afternoon and be back Friday night or Saturday morning. God bless you.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Word

My day started with half a peanut butter sandwich and a glass of water for breakfast. I sat and listened to the grandkids eating breakfast while talking to each other in French. They seem so comfortable with this new language. Micah (pictured) loves to, page by page, show what he has done in school. I made the mistake of counting in French the numbers on one of the pages. He switched over immediately to French telling me all about that page. I stuck to English from then on.
We are loving this time with Jason and his family. They have gone over to Henderson today and will return here late tomorrow. I can already tell that these next 9 weeks are going to pass way too quickly.
I had two meetings this afternoon at may office at the church and both went well. I returned home to find Janie in desperate need of a nap. She did not get much sleep last night so while she took a short nap I took a two mile walk and read eight chapters in the book of Matthew.
We went down to Lorena for services there stopping first by the nursing home in Waco to see a friend who lies near death. After the services we went back by the nursing home and she was still holding on. She is not expected to make it through the night. Her daughter and son-in-law are in our prayers as they spend the night by her bedside.
Tomorrow I will actually work on my thesis, I can't wait. I will take a break for an appointment at 11:00 for lunch with "Meals On Wheels" then return to my studies which should lead me up to church time. God bless you.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Day Three

This is a picture of Hannah, all dressed up in her grandmother's clothes including her grandmother's shoes. She went out to play in the snow all bundled up. I am not sure why she was looking so melancholy.

When I got back home from my nursing home visit this morning Jason and I went to visit with the man who serves as our missions treasurer. We took him some checks that had come in the mail and since he was not feeling well we made our visit a short one.

We took Jason and family out to eat at McDonald's for lunch today. The kids were thrilled and after they ate they played and then we bought them ice cream. The ladies auxiliary met at our house tonight and so I left with Jason and his family leaving Janie home alone to prepare for the meeting. We went to Taco Bell for supper. It seems that is one of the things they have missed while in France. We went to Wal-mart shopping until the ladies meeting was over. They have been watching the winter Olympics while I have worked on the church bulletin for Sunday and the sermon for Sunday. I have finished one but not the other. This last picture is of Janie and Andrew at the supper table. God bless you.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Day Two

Our services were great today. Jason did a really good job on his report and his sermon. It was a two part sermon. The first part he preached this morning and the second this evening. He fed the people at church spiritually and then gave them cookies, made in France, after the services were over. At the close of our service our grandson, Caleb, came forward during the invitation to join the church. He wants to be baptized while here in the States. This is very exciting to us all.

This will be a busy week for Jason and for us. Monday night we have the Ladies Auxiliary meeting here at our house and Tuesday morning the Ladies Bible Study. Tuesday night we may be going down to Hewitt for services there and then Wednesday night after services I expect we will be going over to Henderson to check on our parents. I am going to get up early in the morning and get some studying done and then go over to the nursing home for a visit. I need to check on some our shut-ins and will try to do that tomorrow as well.
The first picture is of Janie holding Jonathan and Hannah. The second is of our winter wonder land, a rare sight here in Hill County Texas. We ended up with a little over three inches of snow. God bless you.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Day One

Micah came over to me and asked how old I was to which I replied "56." He came back and asked me my favorite color to which I replied "blue." He return in a short while with this picture. He said it was of me and since I like blue he gave me a blue beard. I asked what was on my head and he said a hat and hair. He decided he had forgotten to draw my heart and grabbed the paper, departed and returned with it drawn in place.

The first full day with Jason and family was a good one. It started for me by waking up to the smell of breakfast cooking. I made my way to the kitchen to see that Angie had cooked sausage and biscuits. Angie and the kids had gotten up early and seemed full of energy. Jason and I cleaned up the kitchen after breakfast. Justin and Sarah also stayed the night and they had fun playing with the kids. I am thrilled that Justin and Sarah have been here and will be going to church with us tomorrow. Jason and Sarah are going to sing a special at church in the morning.

We went over to the church for a youth fellowship. We had a little over 30 show up and it was a big success. The kids all had fun and lots to eat. We got home and Janie and I enjoyed a quiet evening with the grandkids while Justin, Sarah, Jason, and Angie went out to eat. I really enjoyed being able to eat supper with the kids and Janie. We put on a movie of the kids choosing and then put the boys to bed.

We watched a hunting video this afternoon and the boys were really impressed. They played hunting after the movie was over. The boys wanted me to make a hunting video with them so we did and I have attached it below. The pictures are ones I have taken of our day today. Jason will be preaching tomorrow and I am looking forward to that. Enjoy the pictures, God bless you.

There Here

Just a quick blog to let everyone know that Jason, Angie and the kids are here at our house safe and sound. The youngest, Andrew, is sick and has a fever but the rest are well. It sure is good to see them. They really have grown. The next 10 weeks will pass too quickly.
The drive to and from the airport was not too bad. It was real foggy coming home. Sarah and Justin were with us and It was good to have them along. God bless you.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snowy Day

It snowed two inches here today and it is still snowing. My daughter and I had to meet my other daughter and her husband in Corsicana to pick up our portions of the cow they had butchered. I remarked to my daughter that they picked the worse driving day of the past 10 years (see the picture below). We drove slowly and made it just fine. I had made enough room in the freezer for the meat and it is all put away. The grandkids did not play in the snow but I did have them to go out and make a snow ball so I could get their picture. We are hoping the snow
will all be gone by tomorrow night when we head
for the airport.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Trinadad, Texas

This picture is of a house that we lived in back in 1959. It is in Trinadad, Texas. I tried to run away from home when we lived in this house. I got as far as the corner and just stood there till my mother came and got me. I was six years old. I remember her saying to me as she led me by the hand back to the house "You have let the devil get a hold of you." There is a picture somewhere of me and my brothers standing on the back porch of this house dressed in dresses. I remember that winter was very cold. It was here that me and my brother's stood up to a bully. We went barefoot to school and my dad worked at the post office and pastored a church. Mrs. Hart was my first grade teacher and I really liked her. We pass through Trinadad almost everytime we go to Henderson.
I have had a stopped up nose all day today. Some how I have contracted a cold and they are never fun. We returned from Henderson this afternoon and went to church this evening. Our daughter Stacie arrived here while we were at church. We stopped by McDonald's on the way home from church to get the kids some happy meals. They seemed excited to be at our house. Tomorrow I will call my other daughter too see if we need to go to her house to pick up our portion of the cow they had butchered. I have cleaned out and organized our freeze to make room for it. There is a chance of snow tomorrow but based on the temperature right now (40) I don't think we will see any accumulation.

The grandkids were coloring when we got home and I like to tease them about it. I have told them that I never liked coloring. It is tedious to color and I compare it to having to mob the floor with a tooth brush. They try to reason with me that it is fun to color but I am not having any of it.

Friday is the big day. Stacie and her kids will head back home and we will head to the airport. I hope the snow storms in the mid Atlantic area will not delay their flight. Its off to bed now. God bless you.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


We had two sets of refreshments at the ladies Bible study today. They were both good. The study went a little long but everyone enjoyed the conversation. We left the house about 1:00 and headed for Henderson. We stopped by my mother's house first and she was doing great. We had tea and tea cakes with her and my older brother came down to have tea with us as well. Mother had gotten a letter asking for a donation to the World War II museum. She wanted us to tell her whether or not to contribute. My brother looked it over briefly and said "NO." Mother placed it in the trash and that was that. Janie's parents are doing well. The picture is of them sitting in their chairs side by side. Her dad has to walk a little farther with this arrangement but seems to not mind for he seems to like having her sit beside him. You can see Janie tucking her mother in. Her foot is still swollen and hurting from her last fall. In the morning we will head back to Hillsboro with a quick stop at TBI and another to check on Sis. Davis. God bless you.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Let There Be Light

This picture is of one of the deacons at our church changing the light bulbs out in front of our church. Now that's a good deacon. There are six lights and only two of them where burning. He replaced them all with energy efficient bulbs.
Janie and I went to the nursing home this morning and helped in the church services there. It was not raining when we arrived but it started shortly there after. We had a church member taken to the emergency room so after the nursing home we went to the hospital. I dropped Janie off at the door and parked the car. I had no umbrella so got very wet crossing the parking lot. We are so thankful we have a garage at the parsonage. It is nice to not have to get wet getting into the house.

I am boiling a steak and some veggies for supper. The weather is going to be cold the next few days with a possibility of snow up to 3 inches on Thursday. We need to make a quick trip to Henderson and plan to do that Tuesday afternoon. I worked on getting the church van road ready. We will be leaving Friday night about 8:00 to pick up Jason and his family at the airport. Hopefully the weather will be nice.

After the news is over our guest rooms will occupy our attention. Stacie and her kids will probably leave Friday morning and we will have to get the rooms ready again. Jason, Angie, Lilia, Caleb, Micah, Andrew, Sarah, and Justin will all be spending the night with us Friday. It may seem a bit crowded but it will be fun.
Supper is ready, lets eat. God bless you.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


The church house was cold when I arrived at my office this morning. My desk top computer at the office is broken and has bit the dust. It is about six and a half years old and served us well. I will offer it to my son-in-law, perhaps he can salvage some of its parts. I ended up working on the sermon for Sunday morning and the Sunday School lesson instead of my thesis. My plans are to work on the thesis tomorrow afternoon.

When I returned home for lunch Janie had found a YouTube video on how to repair the broken agitator in her washing machine. Hers has been broken for quite a while. I watched the video and saw how easy it was to fix and left the video still playing and went strait to work on the washing machine. I got it apart and then called the 800 number and ordered the parts ($9.47). They will be here Friday. Its hard to believe that it was something so simple.

Jason, Angie, and the kids will be arriving at 9:00 pm on Friday. We are so looking forward to seeing them. My daughter and her children are going to come and stay a few days with us and will have already gone home when we head out to pick up Jason. We will need to take the Church van to pick them up at the airport and since we have not cranked the van in several months I hope it is not broken. I will check it out on Monday.

My mother has made some bread for Jason and his family and we are going to make a quick trip over to Henderson to get that and also to check on my niece who had to have emergency surgery on Friday. It seems something inside was broken and they had to go in and fix it. She is doing well but will be in the hospital recovering for the next few days.

We went to Sam's this afternoon to pick up some things we thought we needed for when our son and his family arrive. We bought some foods in bulk which they like and if they don't eat it all while here they can take it back to France with them when they leave.

After supper we went over to the church to take care of something there and then went and bought a few things at Wal-Mart. None of my cashiers were on duty, which has happened a lot lately, so I am going to have to start to work on a new one. For those of you who do not know what I am talking about here's the deal. I try to make friends with people who serve me in public. This means waiters, waitresses, cashiers, postal employees etc. I try to be a friend to them and gain their friendship and trust. This takes a lot of time and often I must wait in a longer line to get the person I want. Sometimes these people are not saved and so once I gain their trust and they know about me and I about them I share my faith in Jesus Christ with them. Sometimes they are already saved and have a relationship with Jesus. I rejoice when that is the case and strive to encourage them in their walk with the Lord. Many times people are broken and need to be fixed and Jesus is the only one who can fix them. Jesus told His disciples to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. Building serious and real relationships with people is the best way to help them to know the Lord or to know Him better.

Well it is time to head for bed and a night of un-broken sleep. The picture is of my grandson, Caleb, a few years ago when he was at our house. Something must have caused his sweet heart to be broken but I don't remember what it was. God bless you.

Home School Students

I spoke to a group of home school students today on the subject of hiking. There were 15 boys in the group. They were very well behaved and very attentive. They asked a lot of questions and the one I did not expect them to ask one of the boys asked. "What do you do if you have to go to the bathroom when out on the trail?" Looking at their faces I could tell they all wanted to know.
In all I spoke for an hour and a half and had their undivided attention the whole time. The equipment that I used for this demo was for a two day hike and the weight of the pack was 19 pounds. That included everything but water.
After the session was over we took our grandkids to Wal-Mart and bought them a few things. Then after returning to their house we loaded up and head back to Hillsboro. We got home about 11:00 pm and now that we have everything unloaded and have blogged we will head for bed. Tomorrow I plan to work on my thesis. God bless you.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Well it rained all day today. I got up and worked on the sermon for Sunday. Next, I got my hiking gear out and sorted through it, repacking my backpack getting my gear ready for the lecture. I have a FireSteel fire starter that I never actually started a fire with. I went out in the back yard and put a cotton ball down on top of a brick. With one stroke on the steel the cotton ball burst into flames. I was amazed. This FireSteel works even when it's raining and wet. I also tried making wood shavings with a pencil sharpener and a stick. That also worked very well. I have both these items in my backpack. Reviewing my gear makes me anxious to go hiking again. My brother and I plan to hike March 11th and 12th if it doesn't rain.

We left the house about 4:00 and drove in the rain to Palestine, where we met our daughter and son-in-law and had supper together. The rain continued as we headed to Moss Hill and it rained on us all the way. We are anxious to see the grandkids and are looking forward to tomorrow's activities.
This picture was taken a couple of years ago of me hiking in the rain. God bless you.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


This morning I rose early and got to work on the Sunday School lesson. It is a difficult text and needed a lot of study. I also worked on the lesson we had tonight from the book of Nahum. As we were getting ready to leave my father-in-law's house I looked out the kitchen window and saw 13 buzzards meandering about the backyard. Three of them were fighting with each other. I went outside to take a closer look and they first just looked me over then 7 of them flew up into a tree and the rest sought refuge on top of the old barn (pictured) out back. I did not see nor smell any carrion so I guess they were just having a get together. My mother-in-law said she did not know what she could do about them. We concluded they were probably a good thing to have around.

We went by to see Sis. Davis and she seems to be doing well. After leaving there we returned to Hillsboro and I left Janie at the house and went to meet a man at the church. I got so involved in teaching him how to use a computer that I forgot to watch the time. Janie called and remined me that I needed to come back home and pick her up for church which I did. The services were good. We discovered that Bro. Brian Jones had left part of his display at our church Sunday night and called him to let him know we found it. He wants us to bring it to Henderson on our next trip there.

Tomorrow morning I will work on my thesis and then get my hiking gear ready to go. I am looking forward to talking to the boys about hiking. I plan to share the Gospel with them while I have their attention. God bless you.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

1,335 Is Not A Lot

Before we got into the lesson this morning at the ladies Bible study one of the ladies asked a question about the 1290 days and the 1335 days mentioned at the end of the book of Daniel. It says that blessed is the one who comes to the 1335th day from the mid-point of the great tribulation. This amounts to 75 days more than the 3 and 1/2 years or 42 months of the second half of the tribulation. We really can only speculate about what is going to happen in these 75 days but for the one who has lived through the Great Tribulation that last 75 days will seem short compared to the 1260 which precede it. I am not sure if Ezekiel's temple will be built during that 75 day period or not but I am sure that if the Lord wants it finished in a matter of days it will be done.
We had some errands to run in Hillsboro this afternoon and got those done then headed for Henderson. Janie's dad wanted us to pick up a mixer to give to Charlcye for her birthday. We stopped and picked one up and while we were in Corsicana we went by Gander Mountain. I had been given a gift card so I picked up some things for hiking. When we got to Henderson we called and got the grocery list. The picture is of Janie picking up the milk.
Tomorrow I will rise early and work on my sermon for Wednesday night and sermon for Sunday. We will head back to Hillsboro after stopping in to check on Sis. Davis. I have a meeting at my office at the church Wednesday afternoon so will need to be back in Hillsboro by 3:00. Sis. Davis seems to be doing well. She was sick over the weekend but felt better today. Keep her in your prayers. God bless you.

Monday, February 1, 2010


I was in Peoria, Texas today doing a graveside service. It was 40 degrees but the wind was not blowing so it did not feel so bad. The CD player stopped working during the first song and so we had to sing the second song instead. Most people, even if they have never gone to church, know the words to Amazing Grace so it went well. The Lady who had passed away was 92 years old. I noticed that she was missing three fingers on her left hand. I asked one of her grandsons how she had lost the fingers and it seems that when she was 80 years old she decided to fix a hole in the barn which her husband kept putting off doing. He was very sick at the time so she got a board and turned on the power saw and proceeded to cut the board to length and ended up cutting off three fingers. The other stories he told of her were warm and tender. She sounded like a wonderful grandmother.

I composed and posted Tribman just a little bit ago. I posted it on this blog instead of where it was suppose to be so had to delete it and put it in the right spot. To you who get my blog by email I want to say sorry about that.

We have ladies Bible study in the morning and right after lunch we plan to head over to Tyler to check on Sis. Davis. The church down in Hewitt had wanted us to come there Tuesday night but I did not think we could make it back in time so had to put them off until later on. I hated to do that because I love meeting with them, they are such good people.

While filling our car up with fuel today I noticed that we are about to hit 97,000 miles. It has been a good car and it still averages about 45 miles per gallon. It needs a bath real bad so maybe tomorrow I will take it through the car wash. The picture is of Lilia, Sarah, and Ruth. God bless you.