Monday, February 1, 2010


I was in Peoria, Texas today doing a graveside service. It was 40 degrees but the wind was not blowing so it did not feel so bad. The CD player stopped working during the first song and so we had to sing the second song instead. Most people, even if they have never gone to church, know the words to Amazing Grace so it went well. The Lady who had passed away was 92 years old. I noticed that she was missing three fingers on her left hand. I asked one of her grandsons how she had lost the fingers and it seems that when she was 80 years old she decided to fix a hole in the barn which her husband kept putting off doing. He was very sick at the time so she got a board and turned on the power saw and proceeded to cut the board to length and ended up cutting off three fingers. The other stories he told of her were warm and tender. She sounded like a wonderful grandmother.

I composed and posted Tribman just a little bit ago. I posted it on this blog instead of where it was suppose to be so had to delete it and put it in the right spot. To you who get my blog by email I want to say sorry about that.

We have ladies Bible study in the morning and right after lunch we plan to head over to Tyler to check on Sis. Davis. The church down in Hewitt had wanted us to come there Tuesday night but I did not think we could make it back in time so had to put them off until later on. I hated to do that because I love meeting with them, they are such good people.

While filling our car up with fuel today I noticed that we are about to hit 97,000 miles. It has been a good car and it still averages about 45 miles per gallon. It needs a bath real bad so maybe tomorrow I will take it through the car wash. The picture is of Lilia, Sarah, and Ruth. God bless you.

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