Saturday, February 20, 2010

We are back in Hillsboro after a good day in Henderson. Jason and his family made it to Henderson from Houston. The church van has run well for them though now there seems to be a leak somewhere in the area of the gas tank. When they left the French consolate there was a small area of gas under the gas tank. They are spending the night in Henderson and will attend a family get together with Angie's side of the family. They will return to Hillsboro Saturday night. The Visa paperwork did not go well. They require some things that will be difficult to provide it is also going to be very expensive. The Lord will provide.

I got to coughing when I went to bed earlier this evening so got up to let the med's kick in. It is late and I have much to do tomorrow. I am going to go try again. The picture is one I took with my mother-in-law's cell phone. I had a hard time getting the pictures off of her phone onto the computer but as you can see I got-r-dun. This is Caleb who we will baptize Sunday and my mother-in-law. God bless you.

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