Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Trinadad, Texas

This picture is of a house that we lived in back in 1959. It is in Trinadad, Texas. I tried to run away from home when we lived in this house. I got as far as the corner and just stood there till my mother came and got me. I was six years old. I remember her saying to me as she led me by the hand back to the house "You have let the devil get a hold of you." There is a picture somewhere of me and my brothers standing on the back porch of this house dressed in dresses. I remember that winter was very cold. It was here that me and my brother's stood up to a bully. We went barefoot to school and my dad worked at the post office and pastored a church. Mrs. Hart was my first grade teacher and I really liked her. We pass through Trinadad almost everytime we go to Henderson.
I have had a stopped up nose all day today. Some how I have contracted a cold and they are never fun. We returned from Henderson this afternoon and went to church this evening. Our daughter Stacie arrived here while we were at church. We stopped by McDonald's on the way home from church to get the kids some happy meals. They seemed excited to be at our house. Tomorrow I will call my other daughter too see if we need to go to her house to pick up our portion of the cow they had butchered. I have cleaned out and organized our freeze to make room for it. There is a chance of snow tomorrow but based on the temperature right now (40) I don't think we will see any accumulation.

The grandkids were coloring when we got home and I like to tease them about it. I have told them that I never liked coloring. It is tedious to color and I compare it to having to mob the floor with a tooth brush. They try to reason with me that it is fun to color but I am not having any of it.

Friday is the big day. Stacie and her kids will head back home and we will head to the airport. I hope the snow storms in the mid Atlantic area will not delay their flight. Its off to bed now. God bless you.

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