Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hit the Road

Jason and Angie hit the road with the kids heading for Houston. Tomorrow they go to the French consulate to apply for their visas. We forgot to go by and pick up his suit from the cleaners so will see if we can call on a friend to pick it up for him in the morning.

After lunch Janie and I hit the road for Henderson. Janie worked on her job while I drove and worked on the Song of Songs by listening to love songs on the radio. We have satellite radio in our car and there is a channel of just love songs. It occurred to me that the woman in the Song of Songs was catching Solomon on his way down. Solomon started off real well as King of Israel but the longer he reigned the more wives he married and these wives turned his heart away from God. Solomon had 140 wives by the time this woman came into his life and would have another 859 after her. She may not have been responsible for his down fall but somehow she was not able to stem the tide of women that would.
The picture is of my Song of Songs and our son Jason. It looks as though she is putting his shoes on him. She must have been getting ready to hit the road. It is getting late so I better hit the road to bed. God bless you.

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