Monday, February 8, 2010

Let There Be Light

This picture is of one of the deacons at our church changing the light bulbs out in front of our church. Now that's a good deacon. There are six lights and only two of them where burning. He replaced them all with energy efficient bulbs.
Janie and I went to the nursing home this morning and helped in the church services there. It was not raining when we arrived but it started shortly there after. We had a church member taken to the emergency room so after the nursing home we went to the hospital. I dropped Janie off at the door and parked the car. I had no umbrella so got very wet crossing the parking lot. We are so thankful we have a garage at the parsonage. It is nice to not have to get wet getting into the house.

I am boiling a steak and some veggies for supper. The weather is going to be cold the next few days with a possibility of snow up to 3 inches on Thursday. We need to make a quick trip to Henderson and plan to do that Tuesday afternoon. I worked on getting the church van road ready. We will be leaving Friday night about 8:00 to pick up Jason and his family at the airport. Hopefully the weather will be nice.

After the news is over our guest rooms will occupy our attention. Stacie and her kids will probably leave Friday morning and we will have to get the rooms ready again. Jason, Angie, Lilia, Caleb, Micah, Andrew, Sarah, and Justin will all be spending the night with us Friday. It may seem a bit crowded but it will be fun.
Supper is ready, lets eat. God bless you.

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