Tuesday, February 9, 2010


We had two sets of refreshments at the ladies Bible study today. They were both good. The study went a little long but everyone enjoyed the conversation. We left the house about 1:00 and headed for Henderson. We stopped by my mother's house first and she was doing great. We had tea and tea cakes with her and my older brother came down to have tea with us as well. Mother had gotten a letter asking for a donation to the World War II museum. She wanted us to tell her whether or not to contribute. My brother looked it over briefly and said "NO." Mother placed it in the trash and that was that. Janie's parents are doing well. The picture is of them sitting in their chairs side by side. Her dad has to walk a little farther with this arrangement but seems to not mind for he seems to like having her sit beside him. You can see Janie tucking her mother in. Her foot is still swollen and hurting from her last fall. In the morning we will head back to Hillsboro with a quick stop at TBI and another to check on Sis. Davis. God bless you.

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