Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Snow Again

It snowed again today. We got about 3 inches in all. It started to melt off of the yard right before sunset. The picture is one my granddaughter, Lilia, took. She needed someone to come outside and stack her snow man for her. So dressed in my suit and having just gotten back from a hospital visit I braved the snow and helped her out.

Jason and I left the house at about 7:30 this morning to be at the hospital where they did surgery on our church's missions treasurer. He came through the surgery just fine.

We are going to make a trip to Waco tomorrow and then to Henderson Wednesday night after church. At least that is our plans for now. I have several things I need to do while over in East Texas. I need to go by TBI and see Bro. Brooks, get by to see Sister Davis, check on my mother, install a hot water heater, and work on my thesis. Tomorrow I will work on the sermon for Sunday and the Sunday School lesson. I have the Wednesday night sermon ready to go and the Sunday Bulletin is finished.

We picked up the church van today and it looks like they got that leak fixed. Jason and his family will travel to Henderson in it and will stay there through Sunday.
This second picture is of me and Caleb in the baptistery Sunday night. He was very excited about being baptized and afterward Jason asked him why was he baptized and his answer was just right. We are so proud of him. God bless you.

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