Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Janie's Day

Janie's Birthday was today. I told her happy birthday at 6:00 this morning. Our daughter Sarah called about 9 and wished her a happy Birthday. The ladies Bible study group stopped by at 10 with cake and ice cream and completely surprised Janie with a party (pictured). They gave her some pajamas and some body lotion. Our oldest daughter called her during the party and she returned her call afterward. Janie's mother called to wish her a happy birthday. I think she had a good birthday.

Jason and I went to Lorena to deliver some audio cd's of our services to the church in Hewitt. We stopped by Sam's Club and picked up a few things. We took the boys with us and had a good time while Lilia stayed home with Janie and baked cookies and Angie got her hair cut and did some shopping. When we went into Sam's the boys were hungry first thing so I bought them some pizza before we shopped. We got home and after supper we watched a cartoon movie with them and then put them bed. We all had a good day.

The services tonight went good. The message was from Haggai. There were a few of our regulars out but we still had an attendance of 15.
This last picture is of Janie (her name means "God is gracious") and Caleb (his name means "Servant of God"). God bless you.

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