Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Meals on Wheels

This picture is of Janie and Jonathan sitting together in the back of the class where I was giving a lecture on hiking. Our oldest daughters kids have come down with a stomach virus and that is never fun.
I worked on my thesis today and made some serious progress. I also looked at my taxes woefully and then put that aside. Lunch with the Meals on wheels bunch was good. The services tonight were great. I met with some of the deacons of our church after services and that went very well.
Jason and family will be back here in Hillsboro tonight. They will head to Houston tomorrow and be back here for Sunday. Jason will be out of town Sunday morning but back for Sunday night when we will baptize Caleb. Janie and I will head for Henderson tomorrow afternoon and be back Friday night or Saturday morning. God bless you.

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