Sunday, February 14, 2010

Day Two

Our services were great today. Jason did a really good job on his report and his sermon. It was a two part sermon. The first part he preached this morning and the second this evening. He fed the people at church spiritually and then gave them cookies, made in France, after the services were over. At the close of our service our grandson, Caleb, came forward during the invitation to join the church. He wants to be baptized while here in the States. This is very exciting to us all.

This will be a busy week for Jason and for us. Monday night we have the Ladies Auxiliary meeting here at our house and Tuesday morning the Ladies Bible Study. Tuesday night we may be going down to Hewitt for services there and then Wednesday night after services I expect we will be going over to Henderson to check on our parents. I am going to get up early in the morning and get some studying done and then go over to the nursing home for a visit. I need to check on some our shut-ins and will try to do that tomorrow as well.
The first picture is of Janie holding Jonathan and Hannah. The second is of our winter wonder land, a rare sight here in Hill County Texas. We ended up with a little over three inches of snow. God bless you.

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