Thursday, February 25, 2010


We left Hillsboro this morning ahead of Jason and Angie. We went by to see Sis. Davis and she was doing very well. She gave us a box full of Bro. Davis' handwritten sermons. We are going to try to get these on his website as soon as we can. It is apt to take many years to get this done for I estimate there are some 2000 sermons in this box. We rendezvoused with with Jason and Angie at my mother's house (pictured). After a short visit we headed over to Janie's parents house.
Janie, her sister Connie, and her mother are cooking supper while I blog and the grandkids are playing. Jason and Angie are eating supper with some friends in Henderson. After supper I plan to work on my thesis before turning the computer over to Janie so she can do her work.
Tomorrow I will take my mother-in-law to Tyler and let Janie stay with her dad. I plan to work on the thesis some more tomorrow and then Saturday morning supervise as Jason installs the hot water heater. We will head back to Hillsboro Saturday afternoon. God bless you.

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