Friday, May 16, 2014

Mother's Day

Our daughter Sarah and her Husband Justin let us keep their kids for a bit.
Janie helped to host a baby shower at our church
My sister Jean made mother some new dresses
Had a good visit with mother on this day. She is still not eating enough.
Mother is not eating much at all.  They are giving her ensure to drink and that is keeping her going.  We visited with her on Thursday this week and she did not get out of bed but was wearing one of the dresses Jean had made and had her shoes on.  The nurse who had just came on duty could not tell us how much mother had eaten that day because it was not in her chart. 
Made a side walk for my mother-in-law after visiting with mother last week.
Walk way in place. She won't get stuck now while viewing her flowers.
Made a trip to South Texas to see our grandson, Jonathan, play soccer.
Went to see "Mom's Night Out" after the game.
Pretty ladies! "Mom's Night Out" was a great movie!
In the attic of the north wing of our church building
The north wing restoration and remodeling is almost finished.  The picture above is one I took in the attic where I visited with one of our deacons who is installing the new A/C units.  This is a place where very few of our church members have ever been.  We are so blessed to have such a highly skilled A/C man in our church.
Mother's day at Walnut Street Baptist Church, 4 generations on one pew!
The lady on the right was the oldest mother in our services on Mother's Day.  She is 91 years old and that is her daughter, granddaughter, and great granddaughter with her. 
Skyped with Jason on Mother's Day. Looking forward to June!
License plate lights have been repaired!
On Wednesday night after Mother's Day we returned to Henderson.  It was about midnight and just 4 miles from the cottage when we were stopped by a policeman.  He informed us that our license plate lights where not working and gave me a warning.  When I got back to Hillsboro I watched a video where a 14 year old boy changed out the lights on his Ford truck.  I thought if he can do it so can I.  Well it was not hard but I did have to use some supper glue.
Janie's Wednesday night class.
Another tree down across the cottage driveway.  I keep a saw in the truck.
Janie mowed the cottage yard while I trimmed and cut down some trees
My mother and Janie a few days before Mother's Day
When we go to see mother I always send Janie into the room first.  If the coast is clear she motions to me that it is okay for me to come in.  Janie always greats mother with a hug and then gestures in my direction and says "Paul is with me.'  I then give mother a hug and in the case of this week I kneel by her bed and ask how she is feeling.  I then tell her how our children are doing and what I know of my brothers and sisters.  This week she was feeling weak and so we did not stay long.  If she does not start eating she will continue to get weaker.  She is in my prayers and in my heart.  God bless you.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Mother's week

Grandkids at the house on Easter Sunday.  All our G-kids like the piano.
James has his first duet with Janie.
We were so happy to have the Bachmans in our services Easter evening.
I love playing with grandkids
Janie loves playing with grandkids
Trying to keep the path to the cottage clear is a never ending job
Took the grandkids to see Alice in Wonderland
Returned to the book of Job the Sunday after Easter
Spent the week going everyday to the nursing home.
We moved mother's things into her new room at the nursing home.  She slept in the bed never waking up even when I moved the bed and the movers brought in her dresser.  She is very confused and is not eating.  The Doctor came and examined her reporting that she may have pneumonia.   If she does not then her mental state is cause of her not eating and is a natural progression of her mental illness.  I am not sure that she is going to make it to her 90th birthday in November. 
Janie persuaded mother to get out of bed and to sit up in her chair
Mother ate only a few bites of soup and on swallow of tea.
Janie walked mother up and down the hall
The man in the background was walking arm in arm with mother up and down the hall right before we arrived. 
We sat outside for a few minutes until mother complained of the cold wind
Back to the inside where it is warm.
Two more laps and then it is back to her room
Between trips to the nursing home I managed to build Janie's bookcase
Spent today with Jaine's mother
Janie bought her mother some tomato plants
The meetings with the staff at the nursing home this week were very productive.  I believe they are taking good care of her.  It has been a stressful week causing me to lean even more than usual upon God for help.  I do not know how those who do not have a relationship with Jesus Christ survive this world and its troubles.  God bless you.

Friday, April 18, 2014


Preached at the nursing home on Monday this week
Preached Palm Sunday on the Triumphal Entry of Jesus to Jerusalem
Enjoyed the District Ladies Auxiliary meeting in Corsicana on Saturday
Helped my Mother-in-law at the beauty shop on Friday last week
Mother-in-law at the beauty shop
I has a fever Saturday night after attending the District Ladies Auxiliary meeting.  It was low grade and was gone by Sunday morning.  Palm Sunday services were well attended.  Sunday night after the services were over I began to run fever again and did for the next two days.  It got as high as 101.8 and felt miserable Monday.  My Monday did not start off that way however.  My Sunday night fever was gone Monday morning so I went to the nursing home and preached to a good crowd there then went back to the house.  I got feeling poorly and checked my temperature and it was 99.7.  As the day progressed my fever went up and I went to bed feeling like I had the flu.  Tuesday was better with my fever lower.  Tuesday night my fever broke and Wednesday morning I felt better.  With no fever all day I went to church that evening feeling fine.  I broke out in hives and in the middle of the night Janie and I took a run to Wal-Mart to get some Benedryl.  I took some and the hives went away but I was left with a red rash which, thank the Lord, is gone today.  It has been a rough week but I did get some work done.  I am really looking forward to Easter Sunday.  The sermon will be entitled "Guarding the Tomb of Jesus".  God bless you.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Busy Busy

Helped Jason teach a group of French people how to use Skype
At our Spanish teachers house for his daughter's birthday party
Me and James helped do some electrical work at his house
Justin and me working on the lights and plugs for the cabinets
Janie mowing her mother's yard
Visited with my mother
We have had a busy trip to Henderson.  Janie and I mowed three yards in one day.  We mowed my mother-in-law's yard first.  Janie mowed the bulk of it while I cooked lunch for her.  We went to see my mother next and the visit went well but the afternoon for her did not.  After I left they called me to say that mother had gone outdoors without them knowing it.  When they moved her to the secure hall for observation and some testing mother knocked down another patient but did not seriously injure him.  She will hopefully return to her room in a few days.  They have given her med's for her cold and have given her anxiety med's to calm her down.  I don't like to see her drugged.  After our visit with mother we went back to Henderson and Janie mowed the yard at the house and I mowed the yard at the cottage after repairing the lawnmower.  It was off to grocery shop for my mother-in-law and then back to my mother-in-law's house for the night.  We will take her to Tyler today for her hair appointment and then head back to Hillsboro to attend the district ladies auxiliary meeting Saturday morning.  God bless you.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Spring Cleaning

Helped my Mother-in-law crack walnuts
Janie helped her mother make a cake to take to church
Took a nice walk with my sweetheart
Had a lot of trouble getting the lawn mowed at the Henderson house
Preached from Job chapter 13 on Sunday Morning
The remodeling and repair of the north wing is going good
Preached Sunday afternoon and Monday morning at the nursing home
Janie and I have been spring cleaning the past two days.  We stayed in Hillsboro this week after going to Henderson every week for the past 6 weeks in a row.  Janie washed clothes and vacuumed and I helped her re-arrange the bedroom furniture.  We cleaned out our draws and culled unused clothing.
The insurance company that insures our church building has an annual meeting where they serve a big meal and we are going to attend that this evening.  Tomorrow we will be attending a birthday party for one of the kids from our church.  It has been a good week and has gone by fast.  It has been 2 weeks since my last blog post.  I hope to do better next time.  God bless you.