Friday, May 16, 2014

Mother's Day

Our daughter Sarah and her Husband Justin let us keep their kids for a bit.
Janie helped to host a baby shower at our church
My sister Jean made mother some new dresses
Had a good visit with mother on this day. She is still not eating enough.
Mother is not eating much at all.  They are giving her ensure to drink and that is keeping her going.  We visited with her on Thursday this week and she did not get out of bed but was wearing one of the dresses Jean had made and had her shoes on.  The nurse who had just came on duty could not tell us how much mother had eaten that day because it was not in her chart. 
Made a side walk for my mother-in-law after visiting with mother last week.
Walk way in place. She won't get stuck now while viewing her flowers.
Made a trip to South Texas to see our grandson, Jonathan, play soccer.
Went to see "Mom's Night Out" after the game.
Pretty ladies! "Mom's Night Out" was a great movie!
In the attic of the north wing of our church building
The north wing restoration and remodeling is almost finished.  The picture above is one I took in the attic where I visited with one of our deacons who is installing the new A/C units.  This is a place where very few of our church members have ever been.  We are so blessed to have such a highly skilled A/C man in our church.
Mother's day at Walnut Street Baptist Church, 4 generations on one pew!
The lady on the right was the oldest mother in our services on Mother's Day.  She is 91 years old and that is her daughter, granddaughter, and great granddaughter with her. 
Skyped with Jason on Mother's Day. Looking forward to June!
License plate lights have been repaired!
On Wednesday night after Mother's Day we returned to Henderson.  It was about midnight and just 4 miles from the cottage when we were stopped by a policeman.  He informed us that our license plate lights where not working and gave me a warning.  When I got back to Hillsboro I watched a video where a 14 year old boy changed out the lights on his Ford truck.  I thought if he can do it so can I.  Well it was not hard but I did have to use some supper glue.
Janie's Wednesday night class.
Another tree down across the cottage driveway.  I keep a saw in the truck.
Janie mowed the cottage yard while I trimmed and cut down some trees
My mother and Janie a few days before Mother's Day
When we go to see mother I always send Janie into the room first.  If the coast is clear she motions to me that it is okay for me to come in.  Janie always greats mother with a hug and then gestures in my direction and says "Paul is with me.'  I then give mother a hug and in the case of this week I kneel by her bed and ask how she is feeling.  I then tell her how our children are doing and what I know of my brothers and sisters.  This week she was feeling weak and so we did not stay long.  If she does not start eating she will continue to get weaker.  She is in my prayers and in my heart.  God bless you.

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