Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Hot Rod's Burger Shop

Our grandson, James at Hot Rod Burgers in Palestine
We went to a funeral in Palestine on Tuesday and afterward we went to eat at a hamburger joint called Hot Rod's Burger Shop which is owned and operated by the parents of my son-in-law.  The food was outstanding and the company even better.  James and Naomi ate with us while their parents worked behind the counter.  If you are ever in Palestine Texas I recommend you stop by and have a really good burger.  The deserts are outstanding as well for Justin's mother is an outstanding baker.
Our services tonight were really good.  We have begun a survey through the Bible where I give the students in my class one question from each chapter of the Bible.  They bring their answers and we discuss them in class and seek to answer any questions they may have from those same chapters.  We do 11 to 12 chapters a week and at that rate we should finish the Bible in 2 years.   The past 2 Wednesday nights our attendance was very low but tonight we had just about everybody back, really good attendance.
I need to post some pictures of my new chicken tractor but I want to wait until I get it painted.  I have to install the water trough and I still need to put wheels on it but the wheels can wait.  It is light enough to move without wheels so I am in no hurry for that.  God bless you.
Our Son-in-law, Justin working the counter at Hot Rod's Burger Shop

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