Thursday, January 23, 2014


Visited with my mother today and she is doing good all things considered

We went to Longview to visit with my mother today. She was doing good.  She was napping when we arrived.  It snowed today but the ground was way to warm for there to be any accumulation.  We went by the cottage to check on things there.  There was tree down across the driveway and I had to deal with that. You can't see it in the picture but it was snowing.
Clearing the driveway at the cottage
The water bill at the cottage is going to be huge due to a leak.  I shut the water off at the house and at the meter.  Other than that all was well at the cottage.  We went to the shop and worked on the water trough for the chicken tractor.  It was 33 degrees outside and snowing and it was cold in the shop.  Janie hugged the heater while I worked on the project.  She took pictures and videos of what I was doing.  We finished it up and headed to her mother's house.  It has stopped snowing now and we are snug and warm indoors.  God bless you.
Made these 2 brackets for the water trough

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