Thursday, January 30, 2014


North Wing of our church is being repaired ever so slowly
The repair to our church building is going rather slowly.  The weather has been cold but clear and perfect for working but the contractor has other jobs in the works and gets to our church when he can.  I as so looking forward to having things back to normal at our church building.
Playing Wahoo with Cole a 4 year old and he won
Cole Rogers and his mother came by the parsonage and while his mother practiced the special music for our Sunday services Cole and I played Wahoo.  He won the game and I was very impressed with his ability to concentrate on the game.  He such a smart kid for a 4 year old.  He is a really sweet boy!
Cole giving us some really good news!
One of the main reasons Cole and his mother came by was so that Cole could let us know that he is expecting a little brother or sister in September.   This was exciting news and we are so happy for him and his mother and dad!
Janie's class Wednesday night
Our attendance was outstanding Sunday morning and that was followed up by an good attendance Sunday night.  Wednesday night was good also and we had to take care of some business.  The church voted to permit the Junior college to put a sign on our property that will inform truck drivers of a turn around point that is just up the road from our church and the college.  They as well as we are tired of having trucks ruin our properties trying to turn around.  The sign should be up soon. 
89 year old showing a 1 year old how to eat birthday cake
We took my mother-in-law to Palestine to Hot Rod Burgers for a birthday party.  Our daughter's mother-in-law made a cake for each of them.  I had a piece of my mother-in-law's Italian Creme cake and it was the best I have ever eaten!  Christie sure can make good cakes!  They both had a happy birthday.  The hamburgers were excellent and the cake afterward was wonderful.  It was a good time.  James is ever bit as sweet as his great grandmother.  God bless you.
Mother and grandmother helping with the presents

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