Thursday, January 2, 2014

Visit Mother

Me and my mother earlier this evening.
New Years Day was uneventful as far as days go.  Spent the day working on various chores and getting ready for the midweek services.  Our attendance was down but we did have a visitor in our early class.  A Jewish lady stopped needing some gas money and she stayed for the class.  Janie and I took her to get gas after the services and bid her farewell.  We have 3 classes on Wednesday nights at our church and this Wednesday night we had 3 teachers and each had 1 student.  When we got home from church I stayed up until well after midnight finishing the task of entering all of the church letter forms for the MBA of Texas.  I am glad to have that chore done.  Janie helped me with the last 5 of them.
Janie and Cole in class Wednesday night
We got up this morning and got to work.  I prepared an article for the Baptist Monitor and got that sent off.  I did some work for then fed and watered the chickens who are really liking their new home.  We left Hillsboro around 2:00 and went strait to Longview to visit with my mother.  She is doing well.  They had put her in the secure wing of the facility thinking she might be a flight risk after she told the nurses station that she was leaving, but after a couple of days they decided she was not a risk so let her go back to her room.  She has no memory of this at all and though she has had visitors she swears no one has been to see her at all.  My sister, Jean, gave mother a fruitcake for Christmas and it was on her dresser with on piece missing.  When I asked her about it she did not remember getting it from her.  She did not know who gave her the puzzle or the cookies either both of which I am sure came from my brother, Ralph.
We are now at my mother-in-law's house spending the night and will head back to Hillsboro on Saturday.  God bless you.

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