Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Truck and Tractor

Chicken Tractor #3 in the backyard in Hillsboro
It is good to have our truck back.  It has a new windshield and a new driver's side mirror.  The inside smells like glue and I guess that is from the windshield.  The chicken tractor is painted and working really good.  The feeder that I added to the side of it works good and I am going to add an external automatic watering trough to it this week.  I painted it white and it was beautiful weather outside for painting. 
New feeder for the chickens
I was remembering the good time Janie and I had making this chicken tractor. We worked together in the shop the weekend before Christmas cutting up the boards and assembling it.  I made a video of it and put it on YouTube (click here).  Janie is not in the video but she was there and was a big help.  I love working with her she makes the job fun and interesting. 
Work has begun on our church building! It has been 6 months since it was hit.
 The work has begun finally on our church building.  They worked Monday but not Tuesday or Wednesday.  At this rate it is going to be a while before the job is done. 
I had municipal court jury duty last night.  This was a new experience for me.  It was a case where a man was given a ticket for not wearing his seat belt.  The fine was $50 and I am sure he paid the lawyer way more than that to take it to court.  Something I read on the court's website still amazes me.  It gives a list of clothing that is not appropriate and on the list was "flip-flops."  I can't imagine here in Texas the court not allowing people, especially women, to wear flip-flops.   I was seated on the front row and was chosen for the first jury and they elected me as the jury foreman.    While waiting for things to get started the child within me wanted so bad to lean down and look under my chair at the feet of the ones seated behind me to see if they had flip-flops on.  I suppressed him successfully. 
Me preaching at a nursing home this past Sunday.  I enjoyed it so!
I am looking forward to the services this afternoon and tonight.  We are doing a survey through the Bible and will be in Genesis again tonight.  The attendance was really good last Wednesday!  Janie and I checked on several of our shut-in members this past Monday.  We enjoy visiting and having prayer with them.  Tomorrow its off to Longview to see my mother  and then over to Henderson to see Janie's mother.  We will stop by our house and cottage in Henderson and check on things there and will also work on the automatic water trough for the chicken tractor. 
God bless you.

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