Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Years Eve

As I am writing this it is just a little over 3 hours to the New Year.  I like the way the Bible measures the start and finish of a day.  The new day should start at sunset.  That being the case we are now about 3 hours into the New Year. 
Janie and I went to Canton's First Monday Trades Day today.  We bought a mirrored shelf thing for the wall in the breakfast nook.  We hung it on the wall when we got home. 
This house use to be Trenton's and was featured in my Tribman blog
2011 was a good year all in all though it saw the death of Janie's father and of her Uncle Trenton and also my mother having to go to the nursing home.  We spent 2 weeks in France and enjoyed almost every minute of it (My 2nd hour on the ground in France found me losing my lunch).  We toured Normandy France and the military cemetery there, which I will never forget. 2011 saw the birth of our 11th grandchild, Naomi, who is now able to turn over from her back to her stomach at will. 
I had planned to preach from the Song of Songs in the morning services but have changed my mind.  I will preach a New Years sermon instead and will save the Song of Songs message for next Sunday.  Sunday night I want to do something special for the evening services.  Have a Happy New Year and God bless you.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Chrstmas Tree is Down

Janie picking up crumbs left by the grandkids while talking on the phone
I took down the Christmas tree and the outside lights.  I forgot to get pictures of the outside lights.  They consisted of 4 giant candy canes, 2 red and 2 green, which looked really good all lit up.  The tree is one we bought 9 years ago and the cardboard box it came in is getting to be in bad shape but it will do for at least another year.
I just finished the sermon for Sunday.  The text is the last 3 verses of the 1st chapter of the Song of Songs.  I really enjoyed preparing the sermon and can't wait to preach it.
My mother-in-law with me and Janie
We are about to head back over to Henderson and I plan to get some more work done there on Friday while Janie takes her mother to Tyler.  We want to go to Canton on Saturday and then back to Hillsboro for our services on Sunday.  Monday I preach at the nursing home and that is always fun.  I will preach the following Monday as well. 
My oldest daughter and family with Charlcye Taylor
The New Year 2012 is upon us which means Tax time and that is always a job which requires the patients of Job.  I have already begun to read the Bible through again this next year and that is not a job it is fun.  I am resolved this New Year to exercise at the gym.  I have not been in months but that will not be the case this next year.  God bless you.
Ele, AKA Naomi AKA Bink in Branson MO
Ruth and her great-grandmother playing dress us with wooden dolls

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

38 Years

Janie and I 38 years ago today
I met her at Calvary Baptist Church in Henderson, Texas on Wednesday July 11, 1973.  I was sitting on the back pew on the far end away from the isle.  She came in and sat on the pew in front of me on the end near the isle.  She had long blonde hair and she was tall, thin, and lovely.  The only thing I remember about the services was Bro. Hand leading the song "Look and Live."  Out on the front porch of the church building I was introduced to her and I shook her dainty hand.  She wore a blue dress which was very short in length.  Her legs caught my eye and they too were lovely.   We went over to my sister's house and I got to visit with her there.  She was driving a yellow Opel GT which I thought was the coolest car I had ever seen.  She asked me if I would like to drive it and I jumped at the chance.  She asked me to be careful with it and I was, very careful.  That was 10 days before our first date and it was our first date that sealed the deal for me. 
She could still wear that dress, 38 years and 3 kids later
I had been praying to God to bring to me the right girl for me.  I required that she be a saved and devout Christian and of the Baptist faith.  That was all I asked of God and He gave me that and much much more.  I said to God "if this is the one for me then let this be the sign that when we go swimming if she goes strait into the water and gets her hair wet right away I will know that she is the one."  Well I put out that fleece and God soaked it through and through.  I was hoping with my whole heart that Janie would be the one and then as we stepped out of the car on July 21, 1973 at Murvaul Lake and deposited our things on the beach she removed her the garment that was covering her swim suit revealing her amazing figure.  I followed her, hoping against hope, as she went strait into the water and got her hair soaking wet.  From that moment on I knew she was the one for me!  34 days after our first date I picked her up from work, she was a telephone operator, and I took her to Lake Forest Park in Henderson and we went for a walk.  While we strolled I purposed to her and she said YES!  I took her back to the car and gave her the ring.  We then drove to her parent's house and broke the news to them.  God had answered my prayer and to this day I thank God for my wonderful spouse that He created just for me! 
4 of our grandkids helping to prepare supper
Today is our 38th wedding anniversary.  I am letting Janie sleep as late as she wants to then I will cook her breakfast or take her out to eat if that is what she wants.  There is nothing that I would not do for her if it was within my power.  Janie I love you so! 
God, I want to thank you again for this wonderful gift you have given me.  I also want to thank Charlcye Taylor (my mother-in-law) and Jean Farrington (my oldest sister) for their part in getting us 2 together. 
We had a great Christmas with our family.  We are in Henderson at the cottage right now and whatever this day may bring Janie and I will enjoy it together.   I am planning to work on the next sermon from the Song of Songs and the bulletin for next Sunday.  I may have both of these done before Janie awakes we will see.  God bless you.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

Justin, Sarah, and Naomi Christmas Eve 2011
Our Christmas Eve started with a wake up call from our son-in-law, Justin.  He is an early riser and was up even before the grandkids.  He woke Janie up first with a howl that sounded like a wolf.  He was playing with Naomi as it turns out.  He woke me next with Elvis Presley music which, to quote the narrator of "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas" started in low and then started to grow.  We took the hint and rose so the kids could open their presents. 
Naomi before Papa got a hold of her and got that rubber band off her head
It was fun to watch everyone opening presents and everyone seem to love what they got.  I gave Janie an electric razor and she gave me a solar powered charger for my cell phone, a device that will come in handy when I am out hiking.  When the gift unwrapping was over I made a pot of chili which really hit the spot on a cold and damp day.  Justin and Sarah left after lunch and the grandkids played all afternoon.  We went over to the church for the candle light service at 6:00.  The service was well attended and was very enjoyable.  We had leftovers for supper tonight and the kids who have been sleeping in the garage wanted to spend one more night there so we let them.  It might seem bad to have your grandkids sleeping in the garage but they sure were excited about it.  We set up a TV and a DVD player out there for them along with their cots and some chairs.  They loved it.
The grandkids in the garage watching TV
We skyped with Jason and his family today.  Each of the kids got to speak with their counter parts in France.  Jason will be taking 2 of the boys with him in the morning to a church in Spain.  They will be bringing a preacher and his family back with them to France.  He has come for a visit and wanted to spend some time with Jason.
While Janie was taking a nap I skyped with her sister Patricia and her husband Steve.  I always like visiting with Steve and I wish we did not live so far apart.  They were doing very well. 
It has been really good to have the grandkids here.  I made some banana pudding for desert tonight leaving Scott a bowl with no bananas sense he is allergic to them.
We will attend church services tomorrow and then head out for Henderson tomorrow night.   We hope to get to Athens in time to see the Christmas lights.  If the weather is good when we get there we will let the kids ride in the bed of the pickup to see the lights and they will love that. 
Opening Christmas presents on Christmas Eve, what a joyful mess.
Scott is going to teach the Sunday School lesson for me in the morning.  I will be preaching from the book of Luke chapter 1 on the subject of "Ten Things Jesus Did Before He Was Born."  God bless you.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Grandkids in the House

The grandkids decorated our tree
The week has gone by fast. The grandkids arrived with their parents in tow on Tuesday night. Janie and I busied ourselves rearranging furniture preparing for their arrival. We had some last minute Christmas shopping to do as well. We had the ladies Bible study at one of the ladies house which was nice. The grandkids helped decorate the tree.

Jonathan and Elijah in Janie's class at church
Janie and I had to make a run down to Waco to the Verizon store where I picked up a MIFI for the owner of the Sullivan Supply. I had to set up his new Mac laptop before he left for the day.

Me and Elijah having fun with my Iphone

The services tonight were well attended and I enjoyed the group discussion. One of the ladies of our church framed the poem I wrote for the cantata. That was so sweet and thoughtful of her. I just love it and will hang it up on the wall tomorrow. The kids had fun in Janie's class. The kids love to color and do stickers and they did a lot of that in her class. She is so good with kids it amazes me.

Naomi is a sweetie

We went to our favorite restaurant here in Hillsboro after church. It is a big group when we go out to eat with Stacie's family. There are seven of them and 2 of us. The food was good and the kids are fun to be around.
After the kids went to bed us adults watched a Christmas movie and really enjoyed it. I am off to bed now but Janie still has to check on her orders.

Sarah texts me a picture

Tomorrow I am going to do a lot of cooking getting ready for the crowd as Sarah, Naomi, and Justin and come to join us. If Jason and his family could be here it would surely be a crowed but a joyful time. I expect that we will enjoy Skyping with them on Friday.

Naomi trying rice cereal

I want to wish all of you a very merry Christmas. Ours has been a merry one thus far. God bless you.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Cantata Done

Our Christmas cantata choir 2011
We had our cantata tonight at church and it was real good.  All went well and the audience said they really enjoyed it.  We had about 60 in attendance and a choir with about 24 singers.  It was wonderful to have 5 bass singers in the choir this year.  Everyone practiced hard and you could tell by the sound.  Janie and I worked long and hard on our part this afternoon and that also paid off.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the poem that I wrote for the cantata and so I will display it here on this blog.  It may also be found on my Poem page on this blog.  God bless you.

Nine Months Before Christmas
by Paul Clark (Christmas cantata 2011)

Nine Months Before Christmas and all throughout Heaven
The Angels were singing, seventy times seven.
God the Son, the creator, sat on His white throne
And up in heaven His saints add to the tone
There up in heaven all is glorious and bright
People of earth have never seen such a sight.
On this day nine months before the time of his birth
He readies himself to face the darkness of earth.
His Father had planned this long long ago
That His Son should be born God's love for to show.
Then He, amid the songs and the praises galore
Stood up from His throne and did silence the roar.
It is time for the lamb the Father did say
to go to the earth man's sin debt to pay.
Then the Son left the splendor and the glorious din
to live in the darkness caused by our sin.
First nine months with no light and then a bed made of straw.
He would live perfectly never breaking God's law.
A man of sorrows would be his fate
Spat on despised Him they would hate.
Giving His life He would hang on a tree
Shedding His blood for you and for me.
His story does not end on that old rugged cross
For His death is a victory and not a loss.
He rose from the dead but that is another cantata
He is now back in Heaven sitting where he oughta.
All of this happened long long ago
He is coming again and it will not be slow
With the sound of a trumpet and with a great shout
Jesus will call His children all to come out
And into the air the redeemed will all fly
Meeting our Lord in the clouds of the sky
For that wonderful day Oh how we do wait
but for now let us all His birth celebrate.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Mother's well

A candid shot from my cell phone propped on my knee
Janie is back to normal as the title of my last post indicated.  She spent half a day with her mother and I spent a couple of hours with mine. The picture is of my mother and a lady who stopped in for a visit while I was there.  I took the picture without them knowing it with my Iphone on my knee.  Mother greeted her with a hug and they seem to be so sweet to each other.  Mother says she stops by every day.
Mother is adamant that she is not going to wear the bracelet that the nursing home put on her that sounds the alarm if she tries to leave the building.  She cut it off an threw it away.  I did not make an issue of it though Janie gave me a way to handle the situation next time.  I wish she had been there with me this time her idea is brilliant.  I just let her do whatever she wants which is not the way she ever treated me as kid.  Janie thinks she looks mad in this picture but she was not at all.  The whole time I was there she was happy.  We talked about the Bible for 30 minutes after the lady left.  I enjoyed the visit. 
Janie and I will be heading back to Hillsboro Saturday morning.  We need to be there in time for cantata dress rehearsal.  Janie has just finished making cake balls to take and they are good.  God bless you.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Janie's Well

We had an outstanding adult class tonight at church. We discuss first our prayer requests and give updates on those for whom we have been praying. After our prayer I give time for any questions or topics they want to talk about and this time we had a good discussion about Jews and the Torah. I only covered the first 3 verses of Job 14. After church Janie and I packed up and headed to Henderson. We have a dentist appointment on Thursday morning at 10:00. We stopped in Athens to see the Christmas park lights. We have done this every year that we have been in Hillsboro. We most likely will take the grandkids to see them when they come over next week. It looks as though we will get to spend a lot of time with at least 5 of our grandkids and that will be fun. I am going to let them set up our Christmas tree. Well I had better head for bed. 7:30 will come early. God bless you.

Location:County Road 427D,Henderson,United States

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Janie Sick

Janie was sick today. She went to bed early running a temperature. She got up at 2:00 in the morning feeling really bad. I let her sleep late and after a small breakfast she was feeling better. I really don't like it when she is sick. After lunch she was feeling much better and so I took her to do some Christmas Shopping. When we got back home she was very tired and went to bed. She can sleep late in the morning while I get up early and get some much needed work done. I am really looking forward to the lesson Wednesday night from Job chapter 14.
I have started back in the book of Genesis reading through the Bible. I thought I might wait until January first but decided that there was no need to wait cause I can be through with the book of Genesis by then. Well I had better get to bed God bless you.

Monday, December 12, 2011

A Grandchild Dog

Me Preaching Sunday morning, The Song of Songs
The sermon that I preached this evening at church was entitled "Lessons from Two Wet and Crazy Cows."  I would challenge you to find the text I used.  We had a great day today with really good services and an extra good choir practice.  It was a long day with choir practice ending at 9:00 this evening.
We went by to see my mother on Saturday and she was doing very well.  She loves the posters that my brother Ralph made for her. He collected pictures from all of her children and made a poster of each family.  Saturday morning I preached the funeral for Janie's uncle Trenton who passed away on Thursday.  He was 94 years old and had been sick for some time.   He will be missed.  It was Trenton who taught me the difference between a wet cow and a dry one.  His was the 10th funeral I have preached this year. 
My brother Ralph's handiwork, the posters in my mother's room
I was suppose to go hiking with my brothers on Friday but the funeral put a stop to that.  I will try again to get in a hike with them maybe in January.  I love to hike in the winter time.  We plan to do a 60 mile hike in October out on the PCT in California.  I received a Christmas present today which was a gift card to Cabela's.  I have 2 outdoor sports now and Cabela's has both of those covered quite well.  I have a lot of hiking gear already but not very much fishing gear.   
Janie holding Naomi at the family gathering after the funeral
I have befriended my neighbor's dog.  We had a lot of left overs after Thanksgiving which we had celebrated at the cottage.  I took the scraps outside and called up my neighbor's dog.  His name is Chief.  Now each time we drive up to the cottage he comes running.  If I have any scraps I give them to him.  I sat on the porch and he stood by my side as I talked to him.  He seemed content to hear me out.  He is like a grandchild dog to me.  I can send him home for someone else to take care of while I just get to enjoy his company when and where I please without any responsibility.  God bless you.
Janie took this picture of me preaching at Uncle Trenton's funeral
My mother-in-law's sons-in-law
Janie's mother at the visitation, Trenton's signature hat and boots
My Song of Songs making me a sandwich at the cottage

Monday, December 5, 2011

On the Mend

My mother last Friday making a quilt for her bed
My voice is on the mend.  I was able to preach both sermons Sunday and teach the Sunday school lesson without any problems.  The weather has turned to cold and wet and so inside feels reel good.  I cooked some spare ribs yesterday and we have  enjoyed them today.  I want to make some more homemade soup and can it like we did a while back.  We have not put up our Christmas tree yet due to a busy schedule.  I am going to work on finishing up my MBA of Texas clerk work tonight and get that out of the way.  I finished the bulletin for Sunday and went over to a friends house to help them with a computer problem.  It was an easy fix and I was not there long.  The lesson is ready for tomorrow's ladies Bible study and after my clerk work I will tackle the Wednesday night lesson.  We plan to be back in Henderson on Friday where I hope to go hiking with my brothers.  Whether or not they can join me I plan to hike anyway about 10 miles.  I need the exercise.
Out for a walk on Thanksgiving Day
I got a phone call Sunday afternoon from Gallup the pollster company.  They asked some funny questions.  From 1 to 10 how do you rate the quality of your life as of today with 10 being perfect and 1 being the worst.  I answered 6.  They then asked me what I expected my quality of life to be like 5 years from now.  I answered 7.  Even though I get older and have more aches and pains I am going to fight to climb that latter not go down.   It is easy to go down it takes effort to rise.  I want to be healthy and strong so I can continue to preach how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures and that He was buried and rose again the third day according to the scriptures.  This message is the power of God unto Salvation.  Those who will repent of their sins and go to Jesus Christ believing in Him and seeking His mercy and forgiveness He will save.  God bless you.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

No Voice

Janie and I have had a good day today. We went to the trades day in Canton. The picture is of us there breaking for lunch. Yesterday I finished typing up my sermon for Sunday and I hope my voice will be back in time to preach it. It is a hard thing to keep silent. I have tried to take care of my voice and I want to think it is better. Tomorrow Janie will be with her mother and I will be with mine. God bless you.
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