Tuesday, December 27, 2011

38 Years

Janie and I 38 years ago today
I met her at Calvary Baptist Church in Henderson, Texas on Wednesday July 11, 1973.  I was sitting on the back pew on the far end away from the isle.  She came in and sat on the pew in front of me on the end near the isle.  She had long blonde hair and she was tall, thin, and lovely.  The only thing I remember about the services was Bro. Hand leading the song "Look and Live."  Out on the front porch of the church building I was introduced to her and I shook her dainty hand.  She wore a blue dress which was very short in length.  Her legs caught my eye and they too were lovely.   We went over to my sister's house and I got to visit with her there.  She was driving a yellow Opel GT which I thought was the coolest car I had ever seen.  She asked me if I would like to drive it and I jumped at the chance.  She asked me to be careful with it and I was, very careful.  That was 10 days before our first date and it was our first date that sealed the deal for me. 
She could still wear that dress, 38 years and 3 kids later
I had been praying to God to bring to me the right girl for me.  I required that she be a saved and devout Christian and of the Baptist faith.  That was all I asked of God and He gave me that and much much more.  I said to God "if this is the one for me then let this be the sign that when we go swimming if she goes strait into the water and gets her hair wet right away I will know that she is the one."  Well I put out that fleece and God soaked it through and through.  I was hoping with my whole heart that Janie would be the one and then as we stepped out of the car on July 21, 1973 at Murvaul Lake and deposited our things on the beach she removed her the garment that was covering her swim suit revealing her amazing figure.  I followed her, hoping against hope, as she went strait into the water and got her hair soaking wet.  From that moment on I knew she was the one for me!  34 days after our first date I picked her up from work, she was a telephone operator, and I took her to Lake Forest Park in Henderson and we went for a walk.  While we strolled I purposed to her and she said YES!  I took her back to the car and gave her the ring.  We then drove to her parent's house and broke the news to them.  God had answered my prayer and to this day I thank God for my wonderful spouse that He created just for me! 
4 of our grandkids helping to prepare supper
Today is our 38th wedding anniversary.  I am letting Janie sleep as late as she wants to then I will cook her breakfast or take her out to eat if that is what she wants.  There is nothing that I would not do for her if it was within my power.  Janie I love you so! 
God, I want to thank you again for this wonderful gift you have given me.  I also want to thank Charlcye Taylor (my mother-in-law) and Jean Farrington (my oldest sister) for their part in getting us 2 together. 
We had a great Christmas with our family.  We are in Henderson at the cottage right now and whatever this day may bring Janie and I will enjoy it together.   I am planning to work on the next sermon from the Song of Songs and the bulletin for next Sunday.  I may have both of these done before Janie awakes we will see.  God bless you.

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