Sunday, December 18, 2011

Cantata Done

Our Christmas cantata choir 2011
We had our cantata tonight at church and it was real good.  All went well and the audience said they really enjoyed it.  We had about 60 in attendance and a choir with about 24 singers.  It was wonderful to have 5 bass singers in the choir this year.  Everyone practiced hard and you could tell by the sound.  Janie and I worked long and hard on our part this afternoon and that also paid off.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the poem that I wrote for the cantata and so I will display it here on this blog.  It may also be found on my Poem page on this blog.  God bless you.

Nine Months Before Christmas
by Paul Clark (Christmas cantata 2011)

Nine Months Before Christmas and all throughout Heaven
The Angels were singing, seventy times seven.
God the Son, the creator, sat on His white throne
And up in heaven His saints add to the tone
There up in heaven all is glorious and bright
People of earth have never seen such a sight.
On this day nine months before the time of his birth
He readies himself to face the darkness of earth.
His Father had planned this long long ago
That His Son should be born God's love for to show.
Then He, amid the songs and the praises galore
Stood up from His throne and did silence the roar.
It is time for the lamb the Father did say
to go to the earth man's sin debt to pay.
Then the Son left the splendor and the glorious din
to live in the darkness caused by our sin.
First nine months with no light and then a bed made of straw.
He would live perfectly never breaking God's law.
A man of sorrows would be his fate
Spat on despised Him they would hate.
Giving His life He would hang on a tree
Shedding His blood for you and for me.
His story does not end on that old rugged cross
For His death is a victory and not a loss.
He rose from the dead but that is another cantata
He is now back in Heaven sitting where he oughta.
All of this happened long long ago
He is coming again and it will not be slow
With the sound of a trumpet and with a great shout
Jesus will call His children all to come out
And into the air the redeemed will all fly
Meeting our Lord in the clouds of the sky
For that wonderful day Oh how we do wait
but for now let us all His birth celebrate.

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