Thursday, December 22, 2011

Grandkids in the House

The grandkids decorated our tree
The week has gone by fast. The grandkids arrived with their parents in tow on Tuesday night. Janie and I busied ourselves rearranging furniture preparing for their arrival. We had some last minute Christmas shopping to do as well. We had the ladies Bible study at one of the ladies house which was nice. The grandkids helped decorate the tree.

Jonathan and Elijah in Janie's class at church
Janie and I had to make a run down to Waco to the Verizon store where I picked up a MIFI for the owner of the Sullivan Supply. I had to set up his new Mac laptop before he left for the day.

Me and Elijah having fun with my Iphone

The services tonight were well attended and I enjoyed the group discussion. One of the ladies of our church framed the poem I wrote for the cantata. That was so sweet and thoughtful of her. I just love it and will hang it up on the wall tomorrow. The kids had fun in Janie's class. The kids love to color and do stickers and they did a lot of that in her class. She is so good with kids it amazes me.

Naomi is a sweetie

We went to our favorite restaurant here in Hillsboro after church. It is a big group when we go out to eat with Stacie's family. There are seven of them and 2 of us. The food was good and the kids are fun to be around.
After the kids went to bed us adults watched a Christmas movie and really enjoyed it. I am off to bed now but Janie still has to check on her orders.

Sarah texts me a picture

Tomorrow I am going to do a lot of cooking getting ready for the crowd as Sarah, Naomi, and Justin and come to join us. If Jason and his family could be here it would surely be a crowed but a joyful time. I expect that we will enjoy Skyping with them on Friday.

Naomi trying rice cereal

I want to wish all of you a very merry Christmas. Ours has been a merry one thus far. God bless you.

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