Thursday, December 29, 2011

Chrstmas Tree is Down

Janie picking up crumbs left by the grandkids while talking on the phone
I took down the Christmas tree and the outside lights.  I forgot to get pictures of the outside lights.  They consisted of 4 giant candy canes, 2 red and 2 green, which looked really good all lit up.  The tree is one we bought 9 years ago and the cardboard box it came in is getting to be in bad shape but it will do for at least another year.
I just finished the sermon for Sunday.  The text is the last 3 verses of the 1st chapter of the Song of Songs.  I really enjoyed preparing the sermon and can't wait to preach it.
My mother-in-law with me and Janie
We are about to head back over to Henderson and I plan to get some more work done there on Friday while Janie takes her mother to Tyler.  We want to go to Canton on Saturday and then back to Hillsboro for our services on Sunday.  Monday I preach at the nursing home and that is always fun.  I will preach the following Monday as well. 
My oldest daughter and family with Charlcye Taylor
The New Year 2012 is upon us which means Tax time and that is always a job which requires the patients of Job.  I have already begun to read the Bible through again this next year and that is not a job it is fun.  I am resolved this New Year to exercise at the gym.  I have not been in months but that will not be the case this next year.  God bless you.
Ele, AKA Naomi AKA Bink in Branson MO
Ruth and her great-grandmother playing dress us with wooden dolls

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