Friday, December 16, 2011

Mother's well

A candid shot from my cell phone propped on my knee
Janie is back to normal as the title of my last post indicated.  She spent half a day with her mother and I spent a couple of hours with mine. The picture is of my mother and a lady who stopped in for a visit while I was there.  I took the picture without them knowing it with my Iphone on my knee.  Mother greeted her with a hug and they seem to be so sweet to each other.  Mother says she stops by every day.
Mother is adamant that she is not going to wear the bracelet that the nursing home put on her that sounds the alarm if she tries to leave the building.  She cut it off an threw it away.  I did not make an issue of it though Janie gave me a way to handle the situation next time.  I wish she had been there with me this time her idea is brilliant.  I just let her do whatever she wants which is not the way she ever treated me as kid.  Janie thinks she looks mad in this picture but she was not at all.  The whole time I was there she was happy.  We talked about the Bible for 30 minutes after the lady left.  I enjoyed the visit. 
Janie and I will be heading back to Hillsboro Saturday morning.  We need to be there in time for cantata dress rehearsal.  Janie has just finished making cake balls to take and they are good.  God bless you.

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