Monday, December 12, 2011

A Grandchild Dog

Me Preaching Sunday morning, The Song of Songs
The sermon that I preached this evening at church was entitled "Lessons from Two Wet and Crazy Cows."  I would challenge you to find the text I used.  We had a great day today with really good services and an extra good choir practice.  It was a long day with choir practice ending at 9:00 this evening.
We went by to see my mother on Saturday and she was doing very well.  She loves the posters that my brother Ralph made for her. He collected pictures from all of her children and made a poster of each family.  Saturday morning I preached the funeral for Janie's uncle Trenton who passed away on Thursday.  He was 94 years old and had been sick for some time.   He will be missed.  It was Trenton who taught me the difference between a wet cow and a dry one.  His was the 10th funeral I have preached this year. 
My brother Ralph's handiwork, the posters in my mother's room
I was suppose to go hiking with my brothers on Friday but the funeral put a stop to that.  I will try again to get in a hike with them maybe in January.  I love to hike in the winter time.  We plan to do a 60 mile hike in October out on the PCT in California.  I received a Christmas present today which was a gift card to Cabela's.  I have 2 outdoor sports now and Cabela's has both of those covered quite well.  I have a lot of hiking gear already but not very much fishing gear.   
Janie holding Naomi at the family gathering after the funeral
I have befriended my neighbor's dog.  We had a lot of left overs after Thanksgiving which we had celebrated at the cottage.  I took the scraps outside and called up my neighbor's dog.  His name is Chief.  Now each time we drive up to the cottage he comes running.  If I have any scraps I give them to him.  I sat on the porch and he stood by my side as I talked to him.  He seemed content to hear me out.  He is like a grandchild dog to me.  I can send him home for someone else to take care of while I just get to enjoy his company when and where I please without any responsibility.  God bless you.
Janie took this picture of me preaching at Uncle Trenton's funeral
My mother-in-law's sons-in-law
Janie's mother at the visitation, Trenton's signature hat and boots
My Song of Songs making me a sandwich at the cottage

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