Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Grandkids Day 1

Texas Mission Builders working at our church
We had a good weekend with our attendance up on Sunday.  Stacie and Scott arrived at our house about 4:00 Monday morning.  I spent half of the day Monday at the church with the Texas Mission Builders.  They got right to work and got a lot done on their first day.  I ate lunch with them and when they returned to work I helped Tom, Loretta, and Linda clean up the kitchen.  Linda cooked the meal and it was really good.  She made a brisket that was very tender. 
Shopping at Wal-Mart with the kids
When I returned home I helped Stacie and Scott pack for their trip.  They had two suitcases full of deflated basket balls.  They were not deflated enough to fit so we had to deflate them some more.  They were going to transport them in foot lockers but duffel bags were lighter and the additional deflation allowed them to eliminate on checked suitcase.  We loaded up the car and headed for the airport about 6:30.  I made a wrong turn and went to the north entrance of the Airport instead of the south.  There was a lot of construction and we had trouble getting into the airport.  I let them out by the door so they could get on inside while I parked the car.  They got checked in and through security without any problems.  Their seats were not together and it was going to cost $58.00 so that they could sit together.  It seemed worth it to me so with a wand of a piece of plastic they were together.  With them safely on their way I headed back home.  Janie had the kids in bed by the time I got home. 
We had fresh strawberries with our lunch, kids loved them.
Day one of keeping the grandkids went well.  I took them to McDonald's for breakfast and some play time.  It was over to Wal-Mart next where I bought all five of them a change of clothes and picked up a few groceries.  They were excited about their new clothes and wanted to change into them right away.  We would not allow that however.  The kids behave themselves very well.  A woman, who was also shopping, which I had passed several times walked up to me as I was checking out and said "Sir, I want to complement you on your grandkids.  They are so well behaved!"  I thanked her and counted my blessings that I do indeed have good grandchildren.  The lady who took our order at McDonald's has five children.  She too was impressed and thought it special that I was spending time with my grandkids.  I must admit that the thought entered my mind that I must look old since it was automatically assumed these were my grandchildren. 
It was a long day for two little boys
The hot afternoon was spent indoors playing and cooking.  I made some bread and we had spaghetti for supper.  This being the first day I wanted to take it easy with the kids.  I let Janie sleep in since she went to bed about 3:00 in the morning.  After the kids all had their baths we gave them a snack and sent them to bed.  The two youngest fell asleep while waiting for their older siblings to get ready for bed.  They played hard and were really tired.
Tomorrow is day 2 and I plan to work them tomorrow.  We are going to clean out the garage and finish making the picnic table that I had started at my mother-in-law's house.  The water guns that I bought them at Canton will, no doubt, be the high point of the kids day tomorrow. 
I have not heard from Stacie and Scott but assume that they made it to Thailand without any problems.  Well I better head for bed myself those kids get up early early.  God bless you.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Loading Up

Most of our church's Disaster Relief Crew
We went over to the church this morning to take some pictures of our youth loading up the trailer which they will take with them on the disaster relief trip they are making to Alabama.  They had a whole bunch of relief supplies that were donated by people all over town.  They will be leaving Monday morning at 5:30 and will return toward the end of the week.  It is going to be a good trip for them and a lot of hard work helping to clear debris.  In spite of the hard work that faces them they still seem very excited about the trip. 
Loading the disaster relief supplies
We loaned our church van to one of our sister churches today.  They had more kids going to camp than they had room to transport them.  The pastor and youth director arrived after the youth finished loading up and visited with us for a bit before loading up themselves.  Janie and I then went and loaded up on Mexican food. It was really good.
The new manager of Hampton Inn here in town left a message for me to call him.  I returned his call and he wanted to talk to me about the MBA of Texas messenger meeting which our church will be hosting in November.   I suggested we meet face to face and he agreed.  Janie went with me for the meeting and it went very well.  He is a Christian man, deeply religious.  He offered us a 60 room block for a really good price and so now we have an official host hotel for the meeting and come November I hope we can load it up.
Texas Mission Builders are ready for work come Monday
Tomorrow is my last day alone with Janie for the next 19 days.  We shall load up on undivided attention enough to last us through.  God bless you.

Friday, June 24, 2011

We are Home

Janie and Sarah at the Baptist Book Store in Texarkana
It is good to be back home.  We spent Thursday night in Little Rock and on Friday we made a brief stop in Texarkana to visit the Baptist Book Store on our way home.  We grabbed a bite of lunch there then drove to Palestine where we dropped off our daughter and son-in-law.  We made it home about 6:00 PM.  We now have to get ready for Sunday and for the arrival of our grandkids.  They will be here Monday Morning early and Monday evening I will take their parents to the airport.  They will be gone for 17 days and with the Texas Mission Builders being at our church three days each of those weeks I will have my hands full. I have posted some of the pictures that were taken on our trip to St. Louis.  I hope you enjoy them.  God bless you.
We took the stairs each time to our 7th floor room, she said she was glad it was not 8.
Janie and I being Chauffeured on the 1650.3 mile trip. Thanks, Justin.
Janie in front of the Arch
This shot from the base of the Arch made me dizzy.
Janie and I standing by the base of the Arch
On our way to Steak and Shake for some supper
Me on the observation deck atop the Arch

Thursday, June 23, 2011

ABA Day 4

Helicopter arriving to drop some marines on a barge
We rose early and went down for breakfast in the Hotel.  We took our luggage to the car and then went to the Thursday morning session.  We did not stay long.  We took a walk back to the Arch and watched the Marines put on a demonstration.  It was amazing to watch.  They had a fighter jet fly by and then some other aircraft.  They dropped marines from a helicopter onto a barge in the river.  Later the helicopter returned and the men hooked up to a rope and were taken up and I mean way up into the air hanging from the rope.  It was an amazing site.  I would not want to be an enemy of the USA and have to face such a well trained, well equipped force. 
We left St. Louis and headed home.  We made it as far as Little Rock, Arkansas where we have stopped for the night.  We should be home sometime tomorrow.  God bless you.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

ABA Day 3

Me and the St Louis Arch
The morning session went well but ended behind schedule. Janie and I ate lunch and then walked over to see the Arch. It is an amazing sight! We road the elevator to the top. A small boy in our tiny car held tight to both his mom's arm with one hand and to Janie's with the other. The observation deck was crowded. We stayed there just a few minutes and then took the tram back down. Outside of the Arch, as we stood at the base, I felt strange and kind of dizzy when I looked up at the top. It was worth the price and the museum beneath the arch was interesting.
Janie stayed in the room and worked while I attended the afternoon session. The missionary report was approved and the meeting got back on schedule. The camp report was good and everyone seemed happy with the new Pine Springs camp director. We finished the meeting only slightly behind schedule. I manned the booth from 4 to 6. We went out to eat though the parking is a big problem and a long story. We are now in the evening services. After the meeting tonight we will take the booth down. We plan to leave in the morning. It has been a good meeting and trip. God bless you.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

ABA Day 2

The missionary committee meeting went very smoothly today. There are a total of 175 missionaries being considered for support.  None of these were seriously opposed.  The ladies meeting got out early for lunch and Janie and I ate lunch with a family with six kids. The father of our lunch companions is a missionary.  We enjoyed the fellowship with them.  I took a short nap while Janie worked during our lunch break.  The afternoon session was good and we got a bite to eat before manning the booth from 4:00 to 6:20. We were late getting to the night session so missed the opening ceremonies of the presentation of the flags and the welcome by the host city. The moderator's address was good and the sermon was outstanding.  We manned the booth again until 10:00 and now have called it a day.  A lot of people stopped by the booth interested in how things were going in France.  We even had one to write us a check for $420.  This was not a surprise for we had been told by Jason to expect it.  We were suppose to give someone else 100 prayer cards but they have not come by the booth yet.  Well tomorrow will be another long day so I had better get some rest. God bless you.

ABA day 1

The Arch in St Louis
We have arrived in St Louis by way of Palestine where we picked up our daughter and her husband. It was so nice to have them with us and to be able to relax and let someone else do the driving. We spent the night in Texarkana and arrived in St Louis about 4:30. There was a long wait to check in. We got settled in and went out to eat. God bless you.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Cooking Breakfast at Martin Creek Lake State Park
The camp out with the grandkids was really good. The two older kids cooked breakfast for us and they did a great job. We went swimming and it was very windy. Since they had cooked breakfast I cooked our lunch. After consuming all the hot dogs they could they retired to the play ground while Scott and I visited. We were all tired and hot so we called it a day and headed for the house. After supper at my mother-in-law's Janie and I headed back to Hillsboro.
When we got back to the house Friday night as we pulled into the garage the shaft on the motor of the garage door opener broke causing the door to fall down onto the hood of our car. It put 2 small dents in the hood. I replaced the motor Saturday morning while it was a cool 90 degrees in the garage. I took Janie to get a hot dog for lunch at the fund raiser that our church's teens were having at the old Wal-mart parking lot. The wind was blowing really hard.
I enjoyed taking Janie shopping Saturday afternoon. We both got some new cloths and while we were in Waco we picked up some supplies for the Church at Sam's. Back home we watched a movie and then went to packing for our trip.
My father's day started with a phone call from my daughter Sarah wishing me a happy father's day. This was followed by Jason's call for the same purpose. We had good services at church.
Just as we were about to head out for the ABA meeting this afternoon we got a call from Sarah offering to go with us to the meeting. We worked out the details and are even now being chauffeured by our son-in-law. We are so glad to have them along. I plan to blog daily about the meeting so stay tuned. I just heard from my daughter Stacie and now my Father's day must come to an end. God bless you.

Friday, June 17, 2011


Ruth about to dig in to those pancakes
Sweating while blogging is not my favorite way to blog. Scott and the kids arrived after dark and set up their three tents by flashlight. (that was not a bug crawling on my leg just now as I had thought, it was sweat running down as I lay here in my tent.) We ate junk food and Scott made several trips in the car to the rest room with first one and then another. We are all on our tents now and between my bad hearing and the symphony of insects and tree frogs on this full moon night I can not hear any sound from the other tents. Despite the heat it is fun to camp out. Ruth fell and skinned her knee. I supplied the first aid kit and she doctored her wound. I was proud of her. I am going to enjoy watching them make breakfast in the morning.
This afternoon after we had lunch with my mother we bought flowers for Janie's dad's grave in honor of father's day. We took my mother-in-law with us to the cemetery. It is our first father's day without him.
Well I better try to get some sleep. Those kids will be up early in the morning. God bless you.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Talking To Life

A Lizard outside our house in Hillsboro
I have taken to talking to plants and animals recently.  I talked with a couple of dogs that walked up while I was working on a wood project at my mother-in-law's house.  I talked to our house plants on Sunday they were looking thirsty.  I talked with a lizard that was perched on the front of our house here this morning.  Each of these conversations was one sided of course had they not been I would not be blogging right now.  Janie would have had me committed.  If Eve talked with the serpent it might be she also talked to other animals and maybe plants.  Perhaps in the eternal ages we will talk with God's creatures and understand their needs better than we do now. 
Texas Mission Builders equipment arriving
It sure feels like summer time. Even though the actual date for the start of summer is June 21st it sure is hot.  I am planning to camp out and do a little fishing on my day off.  I may be joined on my outing by my daughter and her family it seems they have Friday off and want to do some camping as well. 
The Texas Mission Builders have begun to deliver some of their equipment to our church.  They are going to get started with the repairs to the outside of our building the week after next.  The materials have been delivered and next week they will be setting up their camping trailers getting ready to go to work. 
Materials for our churches remodeling project
We are excited about the work and anxious to see our building get a much needed face lift.  By the time the state messenger meeting comes to our church in November we will have remodeled restrooms and a nice exterior to greet our guests. It is going to look great.  God bless you.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Camping Table

Shade tree carpenter, woodworking outdoors
The pieces all cut out of 1 sheet of plywood
I took the day off today and worked on a project out in the yard under a shade tree at my mother-in-law's house.  I am building a fold up picnic table which has 8 pieces.  It will seat four adults and is made out of 1 sheet of plywood.  I got the plans for it on the internet. I have the pieces cut out but they need to be notched then sanded and painted.  I put them in the trunk of our car and will finish the project later back home.  God bless you.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Walking, Wading, Waving, Winning

Wading with the grandkids
Peter started out walking on the water.  Peter became distracted and began to wade in the water.  Peter became worried and began to ride the waves sinking deeper and deeper.  Peter cried out "Lord save me!"  Jesus reached out and grabbed Peter and defeated doubts battle with Peter.  My day is often such a journey.  At times I start out in faith walking with full confidence in God.  Doubt comes my way and a battle in my mind ensues.  I weaken and begin to wade instead of walk. Doubt intensifies its attack and my mind forgets from where its strength and help comes. I then begin to tread water my faith is in peril.  Then I cry unto the LORD!!!!  He grabs me every time.  I look into His face and say, "I know, I know...Why did I doubt?" I wish everyone would know the LORD.  Once you know Him you will wonder why you ever tried to live without Him.  He is the best.
We had a good Bible study this morning and are looking forward to good services tonight down in Lorena.  I took a nap this afternoon and will work well into the night.  It is a day filled with walking not waving.  God bless you.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


In the foyer of the church this morning
The reflection of the stain glass window was made more prominent by the hot sunshine on the front of the church house. The building is always quiet when we first arrive at church.  We make the rounds turning on the lights and unlocking the doors.  As I unlocked the front door I saw the shell of a 17 year cicada.  I would later pluck it from its resting place and give it to one of the ladies of our church to give to her son.  In her wisdom she deemed it best to keep it from him knowing he would probably try to eat it.  He is under 2 years old.
The temperature hit 101 today which is not the best weather for wearing a suit.  Janie and I survived walking around in the heat at Canton on Saturday.  We had frozen some bottles of water and we kept sipping on those to keep cool.  We also, as is our custom, had some homemade ice cream and that always hits the spot when it is hot at Canton.  It was a good time in spite of the heat. 
The return of the 17 year cicada at Walnut St. Baptist
It will hit 100 most every day this week.  We went to the funeral home after lunch to help a family make arrangements for a funeral.    The funeral service, which will be on Thursday, is going to be a hot one.  In spite of the heat this graveside service will be, by necessity, fairly long.  Janie and I are to sing a duet at the graveside and I will preach a Gospel message to the crowd gathered there.  When reflecting on the life of a departed one what is most important is that person's relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.  I know too many people who just don't understand that fact.  We had to leave the funeral home to head for the nursing home and the service at the nursing home was good.
Little Cole sitting between the ushers on the front pew
Our attendance has been good lately but with the summer now here I expect vacations will cause a drop in our attendance.  Vacation will take Janie and me away for two Sundays in a row in August even though we plan to watch the services via Skype.
  The Lord's Supper observance was tonight and that is to me a very special time.  I brought a sermon from Hebrews chapter 9 on the shedding of blood for remission.  It was a good service.
Janie and I watched a movie while we ate supper this evening.  She is now working and after I blog I will be heading for bed.  God bless you. 

Friday, June 3, 2011

Hot Walk

My mother sewing
Two of the officers of Texas Camp #4, Pine Springs Baptist Camp, met for lunch today.  The senior of the two was the registrar and the younger was the assistant director.  They had a good meeting talking about camp and catching up on things.  The camp registrar went to his mother's house after lunch and enjoyed a good visit with her while the assistant director went back to his job.  Mother was sewing when I arrived, making new curtains for her kitchen.  It was hot at her house, 101 degrees in the shade.  Her one window unit A/C was having trouble keeping up.  While we were visiting my older brother's two grandchildren came by for a visit.  They were cute and sweet and I enjoyed talking with them as did mother.  They did not stay long leaving when I left.
Janie coming down a steep hill on our walk
I waved to my lovely wife and my sweet mother-in-law who were sitting in a van eating lunch by the side of the road.  I was on my way to the hardware store to get what I needed to move a light switch for my mother-in-law.  I met them back at the house and got that switch moved posthaste.  Janie and I took a three mile walk enjoying each others company.  It was fun but hot.  I drank up all the water I had brought along and she drank most of hers.  It has been a good day.  We will head back to Hillsboro in the morning.  God bless you.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sawmill Gravy

My book on the Lord's Supper
The services at Walnut Street Missionary Baptist Church this evening were outstanding.  The three songs that the congregation sang were full of praise and were sung with such joy that it was thrilling to be there.  The text which was expounded was Habakkuk chapter two.  It was and is an exciting passage which thrills the heart of the believer especially verse four! 
The smell of pork chops slow cooking in a frying pan filled the house this evening after church.  The first batch of sawmill gravy ever made in the Clark house came out perfect.  The pork chops were tender and oh so good. 
This day found me singing as loud as I could sing on two different occasions.  The first time was on my way to the bank.  I was singing in the car as loud as I could sing. "My Jesus I love thee, I know thou art mine.  For the all the follies of sin I resign. My gracious redeemer my savior art thou.  If ever I loved thee my Jesus tis now!"  I heard a car with its radio turned way up high as if the occupant were either deaf or was really proud of the music to which he was listening.  I thought I am not ashamed of the music which I sing and so as loud as I could sing I sang.  The second time was while I led the singing at church.  Enthusiasm is contagious and the congregation tonight was completely infected!  Wow, God is good!
The books I had printed by an Online publishing company arrived today.  I placed one in the church library and gave one away today.  I will keep one in my office at the church and one here at the house. I want to give a copy to our son-in-laws and our son.  These first ones I will give away and when I run out I will reorder.  The next batch I will sell for what it cost me to have them printed. 
Tomorrow will find us on our way to Henderson by way of Canton, Texas.  God bless you.


Sunflowers near Vaughn, Texas south of Hillsboro
Monday was an easy day of visitation and mowing.  It is very hot and dry in Hillsboro.  The temperature reached 100 degrees on the car thermometer.  The Ladies Bible Study was good and the services down at Lorena were outstanding.  There was some work I needed to get done and so now that it is done, I can head for bed.
Janie and I saw a field of Sunflowers and it was quite a sight.  The hot dry weather does not seem to have stunted their growth.  The farmers are saying that the corn crop will fail this year but the wheat has done okay.  Tomorrow is going to be another hot one.  I plan to work indoors all day tomorrow where it is nice and cool.
Churches are beginning to register for camp which is coming up fast.  In just 3 weeks we will be at the ABA messenger meeting in St. Louis, then there is 3 weeks of grandkids at our house, then 2 weeks of camp, then 2 1/2 weeks in France.  Just thinking about it makes me want to go take a nap.   God bless you.