Sunday, June 5, 2011


In the foyer of the church this morning
The reflection of the stain glass window was made more prominent by the hot sunshine on the front of the church house. The building is always quiet when we first arrive at church.  We make the rounds turning on the lights and unlocking the doors.  As I unlocked the front door I saw the shell of a 17 year cicada.  I would later pluck it from its resting place and give it to one of the ladies of our church to give to her son.  In her wisdom she deemed it best to keep it from him knowing he would probably try to eat it.  He is under 2 years old.
The temperature hit 101 today which is not the best weather for wearing a suit.  Janie and I survived walking around in the heat at Canton on Saturday.  We had frozen some bottles of water and we kept sipping on those to keep cool.  We also, as is our custom, had some homemade ice cream and that always hits the spot when it is hot at Canton.  It was a good time in spite of the heat. 
The return of the 17 year cicada at Walnut St. Baptist
It will hit 100 most every day this week.  We went to the funeral home after lunch to help a family make arrangements for a funeral.    The funeral service, which will be on Thursday, is going to be a hot one.  In spite of the heat this graveside service will be, by necessity, fairly long.  Janie and I are to sing a duet at the graveside and I will preach a Gospel message to the crowd gathered there.  When reflecting on the life of a departed one what is most important is that person's relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.  I know too many people who just don't understand that fact.  We had to leave the funeral home to head for the nursing home and the service at the nursing home was good.
Little Cole sitting between the ushers on the front pew
Our attendance has been good lately but with the summer now here I expect vacations will cause a drop in our attendance.  Vacation will take Janie and me away for two Sundays in a row in August even though we plan to watch the services via Skype.
  The Lord's Supper observance was tonight and that is to me a very special time.  I brought a sermon from Hebrews chapter 9 on the shedding of blood for remission.  It was a good service.
Janie and I watched a movie while we ate supper this evening.  She is now working and after I blog I will be heading for bed.  God bless you. 

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