Monday, June 13, 2011

Talking To Life

A Lizard outside our house in Hillsboro
I have taken to talking to plants and animals recently.  I talked with a couple of dogs that walked up while I was working on a wood project at my mother-in-law's house.  I talked to our house plants on Sunday they were looking thirsty.  I talked with a lizard that was perched on the front of our house here this morning.  Each of these conversations was one sided of course had they not been I would not be blogging right now.  Janie would have had me committed.  If Eve talked with the serpent it might be she also talked to other animals and maybe plants.  Perhaps in the eternal ages we will talk with God's creatures and understand their needs better than we do now. 
Texas Mission Builders equipment arriving
It sure feels like summer time. Even though the actual date for the start of summer is June 21st it sure is hot.  I am planning to camp out and do a little fishing on my day off.  I may be joined on my outing by my daughter and her family it seems they have Friday off and want to do some camping as well. 
The Texas Mission Builders have begun to deliver some of their equipment to our church.  They are going to get started with the repairs to the outside of our building the week after next.  The materials have been delivered and next week they will be setting up their camping trailers getting ready to go to work. 
Materials for our churches remodeling project
We are excited about the work and anxious to see our building get a much needed face lift.  By the time the state messenger meeting comes to our church in November we will have remodeled restrooms and a nice exterior to greet our guests. It is going to look great.  God bless you.

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