Sunday, June 19, 2011


Cooking Breakfast at Martin Creek Lake State Park
The camp out with the grandkids was really good. The two older kids cooked breakfast for us and they did a great job. We went swimming and it was very windy. Since they had cooked breakfast I cooked our lunch. After consuming all the hot dogs they could they retired to the play ground while Scott and I visited. We were all tired and hot so we called it a day and headed for the house. After supper at my mother-in-law's Janie and I headed back to Hillsboro.
When we got back to the house Friday night as we pulled into the garage the shaft on the motor of the garage door opener broke causing the door to fall down onto the hood of our car. It put 2 small dents in the hood. I replaced the motor Saturday morning while it was a cool 90 degrees in the garage. I took Janie to get a hot dog for lunch at the fund raiser that our church's teens were having at the old Wal-mart parking lot. The wind was blowing really hard.
I enjoyed taking Janie shopping Saturday afternoon. We both got some new cloths and while we were in Waco we picked up some supplies for the Church at Sam's. Back home we watched a movie and then went to packing for our trip.
My father's day started with a phone call from my daughter Sarah wishing me a happy father's day. This was followed by Jason's call for the same purpose. We had good services at church.
Just as we were about to head out for the ABA meeting this afternoon we got a call from Sarah offering to go with us to the meeting. We worked out the details and are even now being chauffeured by our son-in-law. We are so glad to have them along. I plan to blog daily about the meeting so stay tuned. I just heard from my daughter Stacie and now my Father's day must come to an end. God bless you.

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