Thursday, June 23, 2011

ABA Day 4

Helicopter arriving to drop some marines on a barge
We rose early and went down for breakfast in the Hotel.  We took our luggage to the car and then went to the Thursday morning session.  We did not stay long.  We took a walk back to the Arch and watched the Marines put on a demonstration.  It was amazing to watch.  They had a fighter jet fly by and then some other aircraft.  They dropped marines from a helicopter onto a barge in the river.  Later the helicopter returned and the men hooked up to a rope and were taken up and I mean way up into the air hanging from the rope.  It was an amazing site.  I would not want to be an enemy of the USA and have to face such a well trained, well equipped force. 
We left St. Louis and headed home.  We made it as far as Little Rock, Arkansas where we have stopped for the night.  We should be home sometime tomorrow.  God bless you.

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