Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Grandkids Day 1

Texas Mission Builders working at our church
We had a good weekend with our attendance up on Sunday.  Stacie and Scott arrived at our house about 4:00 Monday morning.  I spent half of the day Monday at the church with the Texas Mission Builders.  They got right to work and got a lot done on their first day.  I ate lunch with them and when they returned to work I helped Tom, Loretta, and Linda clean up the kitchen.  Linda cooked the meal and it was really good.  She made a brisket that was very tender. 
Shopping at Wal-Mart with the kids
When I returned home I helped Stacie and Scott pack for their trip.  They had two suitcases full of deflated basket balls.  They were not deflated enough to fit so we had to deflate them some more.  They were going to transport them in foot lockers but duffel bags were lighter and the additional deflation allowed them to eliminate on checked suitcase.  We loaded up the car and headed for the airport about 6:30.  I made a wrong turn and went to the north entrance of the Airport instead of the south.  There was a lot of construction and we had trouble getting into the airport.  I let them out by the door so they could get on inside while I parked the car.  They got checked in and through security without any problems.  Their seats were not together and it was going to cost $58.00 so that they could sit together.  It seemed worth it to me so with a wand of a piece of plastic they were together.  With them safely on their way I headed back home.  Janie had the kids in bed by the time I got home. 
We had fresh strawberries with our lunch, kids loved them.
Day one of keeping the grandkids went well.  I took them to McDonald's for breakfast and some play time.  It was over to Wal-Mart next where I bought all five of them a change of clothes and picked up a few groceries.  They were excited about their new clothes and wanted to change into them right away.  We would not allow that however.  The kids behave themselves very well.  A woman, who was also shopping, which I had passed several times walked up to me as I was checking out and said "Sir, I want to complement you on your grandkids.  They are so well behaved!"  I thanked her and counted my blessings that I do indeed have good grandchildren.  The lady who took our order at McDonald's has five children.  She too was impressed and thought it special that I was spending time with my grandkids.  I must admit that the thought entered my mind that I must look old since it was automatically assumed these were my grandchildren. 
It was a long day for two little boys
The hot afternoon was spent indoors playing and cooking.  I made some bread and we had spaghetti for supper.  This being the first day I wanted to take it easy with the kids.  I let Janie sleep in since she went to bed about 3:00 in the morning.  After the kids all had their baths we gave them a snack and sent them to bed.  The two youngest fell asleep while waiting for their older siblings to get ready for bed.  They played hard and were really tired.
Tomorrow is day 2 and I plan to work them tomorrow.  We are going to clean out the garage and finish making the picnic table that I had started at my mother-in-law's house.  The water guns that I bought them at Canton will, no doubt, be the high point of the kids day tomorrow. 
I have not heard from Stacie and Scott but assume that they made it to Thailand without any problems.  Well I better head for bed myself those kids get up early early.  God bless you.

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