Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sawmill Gravy

My book on the Lord's Supper
The services at Walnut Street Missionary Baptist Church this evening were outstanding.  The three songs that the congregation sang were full of praise and were sung with such joy that it was thrilling to be there.  The text which was expounded was Habakkuk chapter two.  It was and is an exciting passage which thrills the heart of the believer especially verse four! 
The smell of pork chops slow cooking in a frying pan filled the house this evening after church.  The first batch of sawmill gravy ever made in the Clark house came out perfect.  The pork chops were tender and oh so good. 
This day found me singing as loud as I could sing on two different occasions.  The first time was on my way to the bank.  I was singing in the car as loud as I could sing. "My Jesus I love thee, I know thou art mine.  For the all the follies of sin I resign. My gracious redeemer my savior art thou.  If ever I loved thee my Jesus tis now!"  I heard a car with its radio turned way up high as if the occupant were either deaf or was really proud of the music to which he was listening.  I thought I am not ashamed of the music which I sing and so as loud as I could sing I sang.  The second time was while I led the singing at church.  Enthusiasm is contagious and the congregation tonight was completely infected!  Wow, God is good!
The books I had printed by an Online publishing company arrived today.  I placed one in the church library and gave one away today.  I will keep one in my office at the church and one here at the house. I want to give a copy to our son-in-laws and our son.  These first ones I will give away and when I run out I will reorder.  The next batch I will sell for what it cost me to have them printed. 
Tomorrow will find us on our way to Henderson by way of Canton, Texas.  God bless you.

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