Friday, June 17, 2011


Ruth about to dig in to those pancakes
Sweating while blogging is not my favorite way to blog. Scott and the kids arrived after dark and set up their three tents by flashlight. (that was not a bug crawling on my leg just now as I had thought, it was sweat running down as I lay here in my tent.) We ate junk food and Scott made several trips in the car to the rest room with first one and then another. We are all on our tents now and between my bad hearing and the symphony of insects and tree frogs on this full moon night I can not hear any sound from the other tents. Despite the heat it is fun to camp out. Ruth fell and skinned her knee. I supplied the first aid kit and she doctored her wound. I was proud of her. I am going to enjoy watching them make breakfast in the morning.
This afternoon after we had lunch with my mother we bought flowers for Janie's dad's grave in honor of father's day. We took my mother-in-law with us to the cemetery. It is our first father's day without him.
Well I better try to get some sleep. Those kids will be up early in the morning. God bless you.

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