Saturday, June 25, 2011

Loading Up

Most of our church's Disaster Relief Crew
We went over to the church this morning to take some pictures of our youth loading up the trailer which they will take with them on the disaster relief trip they are making to Alabama.  They had a whole bunch of relief supplies that were donated by people all over town.  They will be leaving Monday morning at 5:30 and will return toward the end of the week.  It is going to be a good trip for them and a lot of hard work helping to clear debris.  In spite of the hard work that faces them they still seem very excited about the trip. 
Loading the disaster relief supplies
We loaned our church van to one of our sister churches today.  They had more kids going to camp than they had room to transport them.  The pastor and youth director arrived after the youth finished loading up and visited with us for a bit before loading up themselves.  Janie and I then went and loaded up on Mexican food. It was really good.
The new manager of Hampton Inn here in town left a message for me to call him.  I returned his call and he wanted to talk to me about the MBA of Texas messenger meeting which our church will be hosting in November.   I suggested we meet face to face and he agreed.  Janie went with me for the meeting and it went very well.  He is a Christian man, deeply religious.  He offered us a 60 room block for a really good price and so now we have an official host hotel for the meeting and come November I hope we can load it up.
Texas Mission Builders are ready for work come Monday
Tomorrow is my last day alone with Janie for the next 19 days.  We shall load up on undivided attention enough to last us through.  God bless you.

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